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Helenium Seeds - Autumnale

Sneezeweed Autumnale (Helenium Autumnale) - You'll enjoy this dazzling sight grown from Helenium seeds! These snazzy blooms of Autumn Sneezeweed have a prominent central cone of yellow or dark brown which highlights the bright petals of red or bold yellow. Included in this mix is also a few rich mahogany solids and some jazzy bi-color red-and-golds for contrast.

Helenium Seeds - Hoopesii

Sneezeweed Hoopesii (Helenium Hoopesii) - Here is another hardy perennial that is grown from Helenium seed. Commonly called Mountain Helenium, Orange Sneezeweed or Owl's Claws, this Helenium Hoopesii grows from a taproot, so propagation from flower seeds is recommended.