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Zoysia Grass Seed - Zoysia grass is considered one of the most beautiful lawn and turf grass seed varieties available. Zoysia grass is the most elegant, fine textured lawn grass grown in the South. In many ways, it is the epitome of what we want and expect in a lawn. Zoysia grass is a warm season grass grown throughout the central and southern climates across the world. It is lush, dark green, and forms a dense cover. A well grown Zoysia grass lawn is so thick that it physically prevents weeds from entering. It will thrive in the summer heat but it will not be bothered by freezing temperatures.

Zoysia grass seed varieties are part of the Japonica grass family which are known for less plant density, interseeding ability and cold tolerance. Zoysia is commonly interseeded with fescue lawns for a year round green lawn. Zoysia grass seed varieties are an excellent choice for a home lawn grass, golf courses, athletic fields (baseball and softball), and parks. Zoysia grass varieties have a lush dark green color, fine leaf texture and a soft on your feet feel.

Zoysia grass lawns are not only elegant they are a great lawn for a family. Once established, they are almost as durable as Bermuda grass lawns, but will also tolerate a moderate amount of shade. When you consider color, texture, durability, and elegance, a zoysia grass lawn is certainly a step up from your neighbor's hybrid Bermuda grass lawn.