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Nicotiana Seeds - Crimson Bedder

Nicotiana (Nicotiana Alata Crimson Bedder) - Nicotiana is also known as Flowering Tobacco, and it is easily established with Nicotiana seeds. Red Flowering Tobacco plants are free-flowering and sun-loving with blooms that continue from early summer to fall. This profusely blooming, vigorous plant sets hundreds of blooms which are nearly 2 inches in diameter.

Nicotiana Seeds - Lime Green

Nicotiana (Nicotiana Alata Lime Green) - Flowering Tobacco is a sun-loving, versatile plant with a lovely aroma. Nicotiana Alata is easily propagated by flower seeds, and whether grown in a container or in the landscape, this plant is very showy and easy to grow. Lime Green Nicotiana features 1 - 2 inch flowers which bloom profusely for 3 months or more on this 24 inch tall annual.