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Asarina Seeds - Rose

Climbing Snapdragon (Asarina Scandens Rose) - Start some Asarina seeds to grow a lovely vining tender-perennial. A member of the snapdragon family, Asarina Scandens is a vine that is delicate in appearance but can easily climb 10 feet. The foliage has soft emerald green, arrow-shaped leaves that are covered with tubular, trumpet-shaped blooms that are deep rose in color.

Asarina Seeds - Violet

Climbing Snapdragon (Asarina Scandens Violet) - Add this spectacular vine to the garden by starting Asarina seeds! Snapdragon Vine, also known as twining or Climbing Snapdragon, produces attractive lime green leaves and masses of stunning, violet colored, trumpet-shaped flowers from summer until frost season begins.

Asarina Seeds - White

Climbing Snapdragon (Asarina Scandens White) - Asarina seeds are easy to grow, and soon the garden will have a gorgeous vertical addition! This Climbing Snapdragon, has large 2-inch trumpet-shaped white flowers that begin blooming in early summer and continues until frost.