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Four O'Clock Seeds - Mix

Four O'Clock (Mirabilis Jalapa Mix) - Four O'Clocks are a fast growing bushy plant which are easy to grow from wildflower seed. They grow to about 36 inches with oval lance shaped leaves and trumpet shaped, fragrant flowers. Flowers may be shades of red, pink, yellow, white or striped.

Four O'Clock Seeds - Pink

Four O'Clock (Mirabilis Jalapa Pink) - The hummingbirds will love your garden when you grow these fragrant flowers from Four O'Clock seeds! These old-fashioned favorites have a bright trumpet-shaped flower that is very distinctive. The plants got their name because they open in mid-afternoon.

Four O'Clock Seeds - Red

Four O'Clock (Mirabilis Jalapa Red) - The Four O'Clock plant gets its name because the red, trumpet-like flowers open in the later afternoon. Easy-to-grow from Mirabilis Jalapa seeds, this shrub-like plant can reach 18 - 36 inches in height and nearly that in width.

Four O'Clock Seeds - White

Four O'Clock (Mirabilis Jalapa White) - Mirabilis Jalapa white is a bushy tender perennial that can be grown from either a tuber or flowers seeds. In areas that get heavy frost, Four O'Clock plants will only survive as an annual.

Four O'Clock Seeds - Yellow

Four O'Clock (Mirabilis Jalapa Yellow) - Hummingbirds will visit the garden all summer long! This sweetly scented perennial grows easily from Mirabilis Jalapa flower seeds and the hummingbirds love it. The plants are leafy, shrub-like, multi-branched tender perennials that typically grow 18 - 36 inches tall and just as wide.