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Mimulus Seeds - Orange

Mimulus (Mimulus Hybridus F2 Twinkle Orange) - This little gem will bloom its heart out for you! Grown from Mimulus seeds, this annual is a small shrub-like flower that only grows 6 - 8 inches in height and a little wider. The orange funnel-shaped flowers have two lips - the top lip is split once and the bottom lip is split twice resulting in five frilly petal lobes.

Mimulus Seeds - Red

Mimulus (Mimulus Hybridus F2 Twinkle Red) - This is an adorable little compact flower that is also known as Monkey Flower. It is easily established from Mimulus seeds, and it produces an abundance of wonderful, funnel-shaped, bright red flowers with attractive speckled centers.

Mimulus Seeds - White

Mimulus (Mimulus Hybridus F2 Twinkle White) - Also known as Monkey Flower, this small 6 - 8 inch shrub has a somewhat upright rounded and compact habit, and it grows quickly from Mimulus seeds. Mimulus Monkey Flower is moderately vigorous and is freely branching with dark green glossy leaves that are slightly serrated.

Mimulus Seeds - Yellow

Mimulus (Mimulus Hybridus F2 Twinkle Yellow) - Monkey Flower plants are easy to establish from Mimulus seeds, and they quickly provide radiant yellow color for a long bloom season. Monkey Flower care includes deadheading the spent blooms to prolong the bloom season.