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Pentas Seed - Mix

Pentas Mix (Pentas Lanceeolata Graffiti Mix) - If you want to attract butterflies, start Pentas seeds and enjoy watching the butterflies land on the large 3 inch umbels. Pentas Lanceeolata is also known as Egyptian Star Cluster and Star Flower. The Pentas Graffiti series offers a beautiful mix of colors with star-shaped flowers.

Pentas Seed - Pink

Pentas Pink (Pentas Lanceeolata Graffiti Pink) - Grow Pink Star Flower from Pentas seeds for a striking plant that will be a beacon to butterflies. Pentas are called Star Flower and Egyptian Star Cluster. The Graffiti pink Pentas has a compact, mounding habit, and the pink flower clusters give a show all summer long.

Pentas Seed - Red

Pentas Red (Pentas Lanceeolata Graffiti Bright Red) - Great for the flower border or for containers, start Pentas seeds for a lovely plant that both butterflies and hummingbirds adore. Known as Egyptian Star Cluster and Star Flower, this lovely flower has a compact mounding habit and it produces clusters of star-shaped flowers that are rich in nectar.

Pentas Seed - Violet

Pentas Violet (Pentas Lanceeolata Graffiti Violet) - If you are looking for beautiful, violet, star-shaped flowers then look no further than this new Pentas seed. The Pentas flower is one of the best for attracting butterflies to your landscape. Fill your flower borders and containers with Pentas Graffiti violet flowers which grow on compact, uniform plants.

Pentas Seed - White

Pentas White (Pentas Lanceeolata Graffiti White) - No matter where you live, you can grow Pentas seeds. In frost-free zones, Pentas will live as a perennial, and in colder zones, Pentas plants will be annuals giving lots of colorful, nectar-rich blooms. This Graffiti white Pentas is striking in the flower bed with low-growing, mounding, compact, uniform plants.