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Pansy Seeds - Alpenglow

Giant Pansy (Viola x Wittrockiana Swiss Giant Alpenglow) - No garden is complete without red Pansy flowers! Easily grown from Pansy seeds, this Swiss giant Pansy reaches 3 inches across and features a cardinal red bloom with a black blotch.

Pansy Seeds - Beaconsfield

Pansy (Viola x Wittrockiana Swiss Giant Beaconsfield) - Beaconsfield Pansy is a gorgeous combination of purple and white, and it easily grows from Pansy seeds. This Swiss giant Pansy reaches 3 inches across and features a purple flower with white upper petals.

Pansy Seeds - Bergwacht

Giant Pansy (Viola x Wittrockiana Swiss Giant Bergwacht) - Designed to have large flowers on long stems, these Swiss giant Pansy plants have 3 - 4 inch flowers with a black blotch in the center. These Pansy flowers are a striking combination of blue and violet tones, and they are easily grown from Pansy seeds.

Pansy Seeds - Black

Pansy (Viola x Wittrockiana Clear Crystals Black) - Fill an entire flower bed with Pansies for a striking effect! Grown from Pansy seeds, these black Pansy flowers are an effective attention getter. Pansy flowers are early blooming, sometimes even peaking through the snow, and they continue their display on into late spring to early summer.

Pansy Seeds - Blue Butterfly

Pansy (Pansy Karma Blue Butterfly) - If you're looking for cool climate flowers, look no further than this Pansy seed. Karma Blue Butterfly Pansies have bicolor flowers with a shocking electric blue and splash of yellow.

Pansy Seeds - Chianti Mix

Pansy (Pansy Chianti Mix) - There is nothing more charming than this Chianti Mix Pansy. Start Pansy seeds and enjoy the lovely shades of red, orange, rose and magenta, and the semi-ruffled flowers are often streaked with a darker shade adding even more of a dramatic effect.

Pansy Seeds - Claret

Giant Pansy (Viola x Wittrockiana Swiss Giant Claret) - Start Pansy seeds for one of the best annuals for fall! Pansies can be considered biennial or even perennial in the right climate, but typically they are grown as annuals.

Pansy Seeds - Clear Mix

Pansy (Viola x Wittrockiana Clear Crystals Mix) - Growing Pansies from seed is a great way to fill your containers and flower beds with these charming flowers. Pansy seeds can readily be grown for a wonderful cool weather display of color.

Pansy Seeds - Cool Wave Berries 'N Cream

Pansy (Pansy Cool Wave Berries 'N Cream Mix) - There's nothing more beautiful than trailing Pansies spilling out of window boxes and baskets! Start these Pansy seeds for Cool Wave Pansies, and enjoy the purple and white Pansy flowers in your favorite fall display.

Pansy Seeds - Cool Wave Frost

Pansy (Pansy Cool Wave Frost) - Grow Pansies for containers and enjoy baskets, window boxes, and pots filled with colorful blooms during the cooler months of the year.

Pansy Seeds - Cool Wave Golden Yellow

Pansy (Pansy Cool Wave Golden Yellow) - If you enjoy golden yellow Pansies, this is the flower seed for you! Cool Wave Pansies are a wonderful, spreading Pansy with a vigorous, prostrate growth habit.

Pansy Seeds - Cool Wave Mix

Pansy (Pansy Cool Wave Mix) - With a spread of 24 - 30 inches, Cool Wave Pansies are becoming one of the most popular flowers, and they now can be grown from Pansy seeds by the home gardener.

Pansy Seeds - Cool Wave Pastel Mix

Pansy (Pansy Cool Wave Pastel Mix) - For cool weather gardening, Pansies are a must! Start these Pansy seeds and enjoy the prostrate, spreading habit of these Pansy plants making them ideal for baskets and containers.

Pansy Seeds - Cool Wave Purple

Pansy (Pansy Cool Wave Purple) - Cool Wave Pansies are perfect for baskets, window boxes and containers of all kinds. These clear purple Pansies are stunning as they cascade over the side of the basket, and they make a wonderful 'spiller' in mixed containers.

Pansy Seeds - Cool Wave Violet Wing

Pansy (Pansy Cool Wave Violet Wing) - Start these Pansy seeds and be amazed at the beautiful 1 - 2 inch violet and white blooms as well as the spreading growth habit of these little cool climate flowers.

Pansy Seeds - Cool Wave White

Pansy (Pansy Cool Wave White) - Cool Wave represents the next era of trailing pansies! Beautiful, vigorously spreading plants with a true trailing and spreading habit. Cool Wave pansies are extremely floriferous and produce beautiful 1 1/2 - 2 inch brilliant white blooms.

Pansy Seeds - Faces Purple & Orange

Pansy (Pansy Faces Purple & Orange) - These purple and orange pansies give an eye-popping color display, and possibly, in milder climates, will survive through winter and continue their display into the spring.

Pansy Seeds - Flambe Lilac

Pansy (Pansy Aquarelle Flambe Lilac) - Pansy Aquarelle Flambe is especially stunning when planted in mass groupings, and the large lilac blooms with contrasting veining gives a unique marbled effect that will attract many admiring comments.

Pansy Seeds - Flambe Red

Pansy (Pansy Aquarelle Flambe Red) - There is nothing more stunning in the garden than red Pansies! Start these Pansy seeds for the perfect mix of red shades all with unique contrasting veining that gives a breathtaking marbled appearance.

Pansy Seeds - Flame

Giant Pansy (Viola x Wittrockiana Swiss Giant Flame) - What a delightful and reliable little beauty! Grown from Pansy seeds, these giant Pansy flowers have sturdy stalks bearing large 3 inch orange-scarlet flowers with black blotches.

Pansy Seeds - Frizzle Blue

Pansy (Pansy Frizzle Sizzle Blue) - If you like showy flowers, start this Pansy seed for blue ruffly flowers that are a standout wherever they are grown. Pansy Frizzle Sizzle has frilly petals that get even more frilly with cooler temperatures.

Pansy Seeds - Frizzle Burgundy

Pansy (Pansy Frizzle Sizzle Burgundy) - Growing Pansies from seed is a great way to ensure that you'll have plenty of showy flowers for the cooler seasons. Burgundy Pansies are dramatic, bold and demand attention whether they are in containers or in the front of borders.

Pansy Seeds - Frizzle Mix

Pansy (Pansy Frizzle Sizzle Mix) - Whenever you think of beautiful flowers, you should think Pansy Frizzle Sizzle. These raw and primed flower seeds germinate quickly in temperatures around 70F. Frilly flowers in unique and bold colors with stronger ruffling occurring in cool conditions.

Pansy Seeds - Frizzle Orange

Pansy (Pansy Frizzle Sizzle Orange) - Start these Pansy seeds for ruffled, large, brilliant orange Pansies! The plants are uniform and well-branched for a gorgeous mass planting display.

Pansy Seeds - Frizzle Passion Fruit

Pansy (Pansy Frizzle Sizzle Passion Fruit) - With a name like 'Passion Fruit' this Pansy flower has to be showy and popular! It definitely will turn heads with its yellow ruffled blooms that are edged with rose.

Pansy Seeds - Frizzle Raspberry

Pansy (Pansy Frizzle Sizzle Raspberry) - Pansy plants never looked so good as this Pansy Frizzle Sizzle Raspberry colored hybrid. Brilliant raspberry colored blossoms and frills that bring your garden to life during late winter and spring.

Pansy Seeds - Frizzle Yellow/Blue

Pansy (Pansy Frizzle Sizzle Yellow/Blue Swirl) - Wow! The most unique combination of blue and yellow, a blotch center, combined with a cats whisker effect and ruffled edges gives you with the most unique variety of pansy available!

Pansy Seeds - Gold

Giant Pansy (Viola x Wittrockiana Swiss Giant Coronation Gold) - Add some sunny, golden color to your flower garden by growing Pansy seeds. These little Pansy flowers are treasures of bright color for flower beds, baskets, and pots.

Pansy Seeds - Inspire Purple

Pansy (Pansy Inspire Purple) - This variety truly fits the person wanting a traditional solid color pansy. This deep purple pansy is beautiful and you won't want to take your eyes off of it. The Inspire Pansy varieties have been bred to take the heat of early fall pansy production.

Pansy Seeds - Inspire Ruby

Pansy (Pansy Inspire Ruby) - This pansy plant has a very compact habit and is bred for extreme weather conditions. Showy flowers in both clear and blotched faces will show off in spring and fall. Use this pansy for landscape, bedding, and mixed containers. These pansy seeds are supplied as raw and primed.

Pansy Seeds - Inspire See Me

Pansy (Pansy Inspire See Me) - A low growing pansy grown from seeds, Pansy Inspire See Me give you a unique purple and white bicolor pansy with a yellow center. The Inspire series of pansies was grown from extreme weather conditions tolerating the cold northern winters and surviving hot, long summers

Pansy Seeds - Joker Jolly

Pansy (Pansy Joker Jolly) - This Pansy is hallmarked by flowers in purple with an orange face. The Jolly Joker Series cultivars produce bi-color flowers in summer. Pansies are biennial plant which are commonly used to enhance flower gardens during fall, winter and spring.

Pansy Seeds - Light Blue

Pansy (Viola x Wittrockiana Clear Crystals Light Blue) - You have never seen a sweeter little Pansy than these clear crystal light blue Pansies. Pansy seeds can readily be grown for a wonderful cool weather display of color.

Pansy Seeds - Matrix Blue Frost

Pansy (Pansy Matrix Blue Frost) - This pansy variety is supplied as primed and raw seed for easy germination. Pansy Matrix is your best option for longer days and warmer growing. One things that makes this flower unique is you don't know quite what you are going to get.

Pansy Seeds - Matrix Ocean

Pansy (Pansy Matrix Ocean) - For quick germination, this seed is raw and primed. Pansy Matrix is your best option for longer days and warmer growing. Beautiful lavender like blossoms load up these hardy pansy plants that only grow 8 inches tall.

Pansy Seeds - Matrix Ocean Breeze

Pansy (Pansy Matrix Ocean Breeze Mix) - Pansy Matrix is your best option for longer days and warmer growing. This Ocean Breeze pansy seed mix contains: Blue Frost, Deep Blue Blotch, Ocean and White Blotch pansy seeds. These flower seeds are raw and primed and germinate very quickly

Pansy Seeds - Matrix Raspberry Sundae

Pansy (Pansy Matrix Raspberry Sundae Mix) - Very high-performing, compact pansies in the Matrix Series are some of the best for greenhouse production because they are well-branched, reliable bloomers with uniform habits.

Pansy Seeds - Matrix Sangria

Pansy (Pansy Matrix Sangria) - A wonderful winter pansy with large, velvety blooms in rich shades of wine and yellow. Pansies are one of the most beloved of all garden flowers grown from flower seeds. Their beautiful, expressive flowers offer some of the most interesting diverse color combinations.

Pansy Seeds - Panola Autumn Blaze

Pansy (Pansy Panola Autumn Blaze Mix) - Panola XP genetics deliver a very uniform habit and shorter peduncles across a broad array of colors. Both XP and standard colors outperform other varieties in all kinds of conditions.

Pansy Seeds - Panola Baby Boy Mix

Pansy (Pansy Panola XP Baby Boy Mix) - This mix of pansies is medium-flowered which hold up better in the winter months when beaten down by rain and snow because the petals are smaller and thicker.

Pansy Seeds - Panola Blackberry Sundae Mix

Pansy (Pansy Panola XP Blackberry Sundae Mix) - This has to be one of your favorite pansy mixes as you just can't beat it. Pansy Blackberry Sundae features midsize 2 ince mixed blooms including purple face, white with purple blotch and solid purple. A truly dazzling pansy seed mix grown from raw, primed flower seeds

Pansy Seeds - Panola Citrus Mix

Pansy (Pansy Panola XP Citrus Mix) - Panola XP gives you a wonderful mix of orange, yellow, and white flowers. Pansy Panola has very uniform habit and is low growing. Both Pansy XP and standard colors outperform standard medium flowered varieties in all kinds of conditions.

Pansy Seeds - Panola Halloween Mix

Pansy (Pansy Panola XP Halloween Mix) - You may not have known it, but Pansies are the most sold flower in the world. There are two main types of pansies, clear or pure & faced or blotch. A pansy with a face/blotch, features a dark blotch in the center of the flower.

Pansy Seeds - Panola Lilac Shades

Pansy (Pansy Panola Lilac Shades) - Grow these lilac beauties in spring wave of bright colors in your flower garden. Plant these pansy seeds in a flower bed, shady corners, planters, window boxes, and more.

Pansy Seeds - Panola Pink Shades

Pansy (Pansy Panola Pink Shades) - Variety of pink pansies with whiskers all in one pansy seed mix! These biennial flowers only reach 6 - 8 inches tall, but they will be loaded with shades of pink that will attract everyone's attention.

Pansy Seeds - Panola Sunburst

Pansy (Pansy Panola XP Sunburst) - Highlight your flower garden with these beautiful pansies which have a scarlet background with golden face and whiskers. You can not find a better combination of red and gold. Ultimate multi season landscape plant.

Pansy Seeds - Red Bicolor

Pansy (Pansy Faces Red Bicolor) - If you are looking for a brilliant red and yellow pansy, then Pansy Faces Red Bicolor is perfect!These compact pansy plants only reach 6 - 9 inches tall and are loaded with blossoms. Pansies are very hardy and can be planted early for spring and summer flowering.

Pansy Seeds - Scarlet

Pansy (Viola Wittrockiana Clear Crystals Scarlet) - If you want to add a touch of drama to your flower garden, start Pansy seeds for this stunning scarlet variety. Viola x wittrockiana Clear Crystals are known for their superb selection of clear colors without blotches. This scarlet Pansy flower is brilliant and it will catch the attention of neighbors and everyone passing by.

Pansy Seeds - Silverbride

Pansy (Viola Wittrockiana Swiss Giant Silverbride) -No garden is complete without a white pansy flower with a purple blotch! Easily grown from Pansy seeds, this Swiss giant Pansy reaches 3 inches across and features a white bloom with a purple blotch.

Pansy Seeds - Snowpansy

Pansy (Pansy Snowpansy Blue & White) - Pansy flowers are a group of large-flowered hybrid plants grown as garden flowers. Pansies are bred from Viola tricolor hybridized with other viola species, these hybrids are referred to as Viola x Wittrockiana

Pansy Seeds - St. Ravel Mix

Pansy (Viola Tricolor Maxima F2 St. Ravel Mix) - Buy your St. Ravel pansy seed mix grown from viola tricolor seeds. Easily grown from Pansy seeds, this Pansy mix has every color your need for your flower garden.

Pansy Seeds - Strawberry Mix

Pansy (Pansy Acquarelle Strawberry Mix) - Loaded with flowers, these compact pansies produce long-lasting medium to large 3 inch flowers. Pansy strawberry mix offers wild variations of deep rose shades with variable flower patterns. This pansy mix forms a beautiful display in the garden or in containers.

Pansy Seeds - Strawberry Tricolor

Pansy (Pansy Acquarelle Strawberry Tricolor) - Low growing pansy plants produce long-lasting medium to large 3 inch flowers in a sweet blend of strawberry, raspberry and cream. The rugged plants grow 6 - 9 inches tall making them great for bedding or in containers.

Pansy Seeds - Ullswater

Giant Pansy (Viola Wittrockiana Swiss Giant Ullswater) - These giant Pansy flowers are rich, deep blue with a black blotch that is characteristic of Viola Swiss Giant. They are easy to grow from Pansy seeds, and you can make an intense display by planting this Pansy Ullswater blue in mass groupings, and they will bloom over a long season.

Pansy Seeds - Ultima Morpho

Pansy (Pansy Ultima Morpho) - This award winning, beautiful variety produces upward facing 2 1/2 inch flowers on compact plants. Morpho features a unique color pattern of bright pastel blue that brightens into a yellow center with a whiskered face.

Pansy Seeds - Velvet Mix

Pansy (Viola Wittrockiana Swiss Giant Velvet Mix) - No garden is complete without this pansy velvet mix. Easily grown from Pansy seeds, this Swiss giant Pansy reaches 3 inches across and features a beautiful velvety mix of flowers.

Pansy Seeds - Viva La Violet

Pansy (Pansy Mammoth Viva La Violet) - This Pansy series is called "Mammoth" for a reason. Larger, more tolerant and stronger, this new pansy series is the most uniform in an XL-pansy series. Viva La Violet Pansies branch quickly to fill a container or pot.

Pansy Seeds - White

Pansy (Viola Wittrockiana Clear Crystals White) - For long-blooming, colorful beauty, you cannot beat Pansies for your garden. They are established easily from Pansy seeds, and this Clear Crystal white variety is known for the clear colors with no blotch and also for its increased hardiness. This white Pansy will stand up to diverse environmental conditions.

Pansy Seeds - Yellow

Pansy (Viola Wittrockiana Clear Crystals Yellow) - The Pansy Viola collection has grown considerably over the years and today there is a large group of hybrid plants cultivated as garden flowers and easily grown from flower seed. Many people refer to these hybrids as Viola wittrockiana. This yellow Pansy does not have any blotches or markings but is just a single clear tone of color.