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Purslane Seeds - Fuchsia

Purslane (Portulaca Oleracea Toucan Fuchsia) - Purslane parades large fuchsia flowers that are 2 inches across. An excellent plant for arid and hot conditions that is low growing. You can use Toucan Purslane in containers, hanging baskets, as a ground cover, or as a herb.

Purslane Seeds - Golden

Purslane Golden (Portulaca Oleracea Sativa) - It is easy to grow this highly nutritious annual from herb seeds! Golden Purslane has been grown in herb gardens for hundreds of years and is a native of Europe. It is an upright herb with juicy, succulent oval leaves and mild sweet-sour flavor.

Purslane Seeds - Green

Purslane (Portulaca Oleracea Sativa) - Start Purslane seeds for this highly nutritious, easy-to-grow annual herb. Green Purslane plants have been grown in herb gardens for hundreds of years and are native to Europe. The Green Purslane herb is upright with juicy, succulent oval leaves with a mild sweet-sour flavor.

Purslane Seeds - Rock

Purslane Rock (Calandrinia Umbelleta Ruby Tuesday) - For a lovely ornamental herb, start Purslane seeds and enjoy the long-blooming flowers. There are not too many herb plants that love the heat, but Rock Purslane loves heat and sun. The Rock Purslane plant has a mounding habit.

Purslane Seeds - Scarlet

Purslane (Portulaca Oleracea Toucan Scarlet Shades) - Portulaca oleracea are a favorite warm season tender perennial that are very popular throughout Florida. We consider them an annual for most purposes

Purslane Seeds - Winter

Winter Purslane (Claytonia Perfoliata) - A must-have for the herb garden is Winter Purslane, and it's so easy to grow from herb seeds! Other names are Indian Lettuce and Miner's Lettuce which was given to the herb plant because it was eaten in great quantities as a salad green during the gold rush years.