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When it comes to the wellbeing and health of your animals, you need to be sure that you’re only buying from the best. After all, proper nutrition is not only vital to the wellbeing of the animals themselves; it also has an effect the wool, milk, and meat that they will ultimately produce, not to mention the health of any calves, ewes, or foals that are born.
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Horses, cows, and other grazing animals need high quality and nutrient-dense food sources to be healthy, strong, and to flourish. offers an incredible selection of pasture grass seed for sale, as well as selections of both pasture and wildlife seed mixtures made from grasses and legumes for whichever pasture animals you are currently raising.
Pasture Seed

Pasture Grasses
Our team here at provides a wide selection of choices for pasture grass seeds, including individual species as well as mixtures that contain several varieties of grass seed species. Individual species include, but are not limited to: bermuda, bahia, fescue, fescue, ryegrass, orchard grass, timothy,  sorghum, and much more! Options for mixtures include different varieties of pasture grass seeds blended together that are usually best suited for horse pastures or for an "all purpose" type of application where horses, cows, goats, other grazing animals may all be grazing together in a single location. even offers a special cold climate mixture for those areas and regions that get heavy frost and snow during the winter months.   
Native Grasses
Many people want pasture grass seeds that are more indigenous to their particular area or that meet certain environmental conditions native to their region. In these situations, our team offers a broad line of various native grasses. Just as with our standard pasture grasses, this line includes both single species and mixtures. Individual single species packages include, but are not limited to: blue grama, big and little bluestem, switchgrass, sideoats grama, Indian grass, and much more. Native pasture grass mixtures include a wide variety of grass species that are all best adapted to specific geographical regions of the United States, depending on whether one lives in dryer climates in the West, the Midwest, Eastern coasts, certain Southern regions.
Legume Seed
No pasture seed offering would be complete without some legume seeds for higher protein content. Legume varieties such as peas, alfalfa, birdsfoot trefoil, clover, and vetches can all make for amazing additions to pasture for certain applications. Legumes are widely grown in many regions throughout the world as grazing forage for various types of pasture animals; they can also be made into silage or fed as greenchop. These plants usually tend to be deep-rooted and more tolerant than the grasses of summer moisture shortages. Mixtures of legumes with different kinds of pasture grass seeds can make excellent pastures as well.
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pasture grass seed

Pasture Grasses

  • All purpose - horses, cows, goats, etc
  • Horse pasture mixtures
  • Cold climate mixture

We offer a wide selection of pasture grasses including individual species as well as mixtures containing several grass seed species. Individual species include: bahia, bermuda, brome, fescue, orchard grass, ryegrass, sorghum, timothy, and more.

Native Grasses

  • Pasture grass indigenous to your area - non-invasive
  • Specialized for your region
  • Mixtures or single species

We offer a broad line of native grasses. Just like our normal pasture grasses, this line includes single species and mixtures. Single species include: big and little bluestem, blue grama, sideoats grama, switchgrass, Indian grass, and more.

Indigenous grass seed
high protein crop

Legume Seeds

  • More drought tolerant than grasses
  • Legume seed for higher protein content
  • A legume and grass mix is excellent for pastures

No pasture seed offering would be complete without legume seed for higher protein content. Legumes such as alfalfa, peas, clover, birdsfoot trefoil, and vetches all can be great additions to pasture for certain applications.