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Silene Seeds - Armeria

Cathfly (Silene Armeria) - Grow Silene seeds for a very lovely wildflower display. Commonly called Catchfly, Wild Catchfly, None-So-Pretty, or Sweet William Catchfly, this annual puts on a fabulous display of brilliant magenta colored blooms during mid-summer.

Silene Seeds - Snowdrop

Nodding Catchfly Snowdrop (Silene Pendula Snowdrop) - Here is yet another Silene variety that is a charming choice for the spring or summer garden. Easily grown from Silene seeds, this annual blooms white in loose clusters. Commonly called Nodding Catchfly or Drooping Catchfly, this wildflower loves to cascade over walls and garden edges.

Silene Seeds - Triumph

Nodding Catchfly Triumph (Silene Pendula Triumph) - For a beautiful rosy pink color, grow Silene seeds and enjoy this exquisite annual. This deep rose Silene has double flowers and is very compact. It is known as Nodding Catchfly or Drooping Catchfly, and it is stunning as it cascades over walls and garden edges.