California wild flower seed from Outsidepride.

Southwest Wildflower Seed Mix


Southwest wildflower seed formulated for elevations below 7,000 feet in AZ, Utah, southern CA, southern NV and NM.

This wildflower seed mixture is specifically designed for areas which have special needs, the long, hot, dry summers or other similar conditions. This mix will do very well if planted in early to late spring. This wildflower mixture will also do well when planted as a dormant seeding in fall. The mix consists of annual and perennials. This mix should grow 36-48 inches tall and approximately consists of:

  • 15% Baby's Breath, Annual
  • 13% Candytuft, Annual
  • 9% Flax, Scarlet
  • 9% Bluebonnet, Texas
  • 8% Cornflower, Blue
  • 8% Flax, Blue
  • 6% Coreopsis, Lance Leaved
  • 6% Coneflower, Purple
  • 6% Indian Blanket
  • 3% Evening Primrose, Dwarf
  • 2% Phlox, Annual
  • 2% Poppy, Red Corn
  • 2% Sage, Scarlet
  • 1.50% Snapdragon, Spurred
  • 1.50% Coneflower, Clasping
  • 1.50% Coneflower, Prairie
  • 1.50% Catchfly
  • 1% Coreopsis, Plains
  • 1% Sweet Alyssum, Tall White
  • 1% Mint, Lemon
  • 1% Sage, Blue
  • 0.50% Evening Primrose, Showy
  • 0.50% Black-eyed Susan


Seeding rate: 1/4 LB Per 500 - 1,000 SF or 5 LBS Per 10,000 - 20,000 SF.
Question: Why such a broad range on the seeding rate?
Answer: Wildflower seed planting applications vary tremendously from the back yard flower bed to the 5 acre meadow. Various seeding rates are needed depending on the type of application you are considering. For your specific application use this for your guideline:

  • For a meadow look with scattered wildflowers using the lower end of the seeding rate
  • For an average display with good coverage use the middle range of the seeding rate
  • For a lush stand with almost solid wildflowers choose the upper end of the seeding rate