Sweet Spot Deer Food Plot Mix Southern States

Sweet Spot Deer Food Plot Seed - Southern Mix


Season: Annual

Environment: Full sun to partial shade

Height: 36 inches

USDA zones: 4 - 9

Sweet Spot - Southern Blend - If you want to create high-nutrition food plot that deer simply cannot resist than look no further than Sweet Spot deer food plot seed. Sweet Spot mixes feature High Sugar Grasses from the product line SucraSeed. These unique perennial ryegrasses, with their high quality sugar, can produce bigger racks and as much as 20% more body mass. Sweet Spot is a perennial wildlife food plot mix that rapidly establishes, winters well and creates resilient food plots year after year.

Sweet Spot is different from other food plot mixes since it focuses on a deer's complex digestive system, which can't process proteins without sugar (carbohydrates). If you just pack a food plot mix with protein, but do not include the necessary sugars to digest that protein, deer will not have the necessary nutrition to process that protein and grow. Sweet Spot blends both carbohydrates and protein calories so deer get the optimum nutrition they need to pack on lean body mass.

Contains these approximate percentages (includes inert coating material):

  • 50% Abereve Intermediate Ryegrass
  • 12% Frosty Berseem Clover
  • 8% Fixation Clover
  • 5% Kentucky Pride Crimson Clover
  • 4% Driller Daikon Radish
  • 4% Purple Top Turnips

Food Plot Improvement:

  • Sweet Spot food plots will regenerate each year even after difficult weather conditions.
  • High Sugar Grasses are extremely drought and cold tolerant.
  • The naturally quick growth rate of HSG's crowd out weeds and increase the appeal to wildlife.
  • The increased sugar levels occur naturally, and do not require extra fertilizer.
  • SucraSEED mixes rapid re-growth is extraordinary, delivering tremendous yields.

Deer Forage

Financial Rewards:

  • Sweet Spot regenerates year after year, saving time and money over annual feed plot mixes.

Health and Nutrition:

  • High Sugar Grasses improve digestibility and protein conversion.
  • Deer prefer HSG plots, which in turn leads to increased dry matter intake.
  • Sweet Spot boosts energy levels in deer and wildlife.


  • Sweet Spot creates highly-sustainable food plots, reducing the need to disturb the soil by replanting year after year.
  • Ruminant animals feed on HSGs are shown to emit up to 24% less nitrogen in urine and feces.

Planting Information

  • Planting rate: 10 lbs. / half acre
  • Planting depth: 1/4 inch
  • Product packaged in 10 lb. bags
  • Soil PH: 5.5-8.5
  • USDA Zones 4 - 9: In climate zones lower than 4, SucraSeed may not overwinter. Persistence can be greatly increased if plants are insulated by a snow cover. In climate zones higher than 7, portions of the mix may perform as an annual.

Mowing Information:

You typically do not want to cut a food plot below a 4 - 6 inch height or you risk setting the plants back too much as it will take much longer to recover. This is typical, but it can be regional, climate driven and also personal preference. For quickest regrowth in a food plot setting, don’t cut more than 50% of the height for fastest regrowth.

SucraSeed Sweet Spot Deer Food Sweet Spot Southern


  • I just inspected the 3/4 acre plot in the back part of the property that we planted in the Southern Sweet Spot mixture this year. It looks like a page out of a food plot magazine. It started slow, I am assuming due to the incredible amount of rain and lack of sunshine we had in September, but has come on STRONG the past two weeks. There are quite a number of deer tracks on the road leading to the plot. It was just too wet to get out in it, but I could see sign of deer usage along the edge--especially on the radishes. Deer usage of them is fairly obvious. I put 133 lb/ac of 19-19-19 on it last weekend and that has really intensified the "green". So far it is very impressive.
    Tommy Hunter, Madison County, GA
  • Just went to a client's property this morning outside Rome, GA who had some incredible looking Sweet Spot plots after just 3 weeks. I didn't expect it to look so good after only 3 weeks. Interestingly the deer are already eating on the radishes in the mix. Those radishes really appear to be a great tasting forage for the deer. They are of course hammering the High Sugar Grasses in the mix. This is the best small plot mix that I've come across.
    Don Willis, DBWOutdoors LLC,Rome, GA
  • I've had some good growth this spring with the Sweet Spot I planted last fall, despite some soil deficiencies. I'm enjoying the diversity of wildlife using the plot as you can see in the pics from the trailcam.
    Dan K, Southern Oregon