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Carex Seeds - Amazon Mist

Carex (Carex comans Amazon Mist) - If you want an eye-catching, ornamental grass start these Carex ornamental grass seeds! Ornamental grasses include sedges like this Carex comans Amazon Mist. Even though it is native to New Zealand, it grows well in USDA zones 7 - 9.

Carex Seeds - Aurea

Carex (Carex aurea) - If you have areas of wet, marshy land, grow this Carex ornamental grass seed. The bright color stands out in the garden, and if it is grown in partial shade, the colors nearly glow. This Carex ornamental sedge is commonly is referred to as Golden Sedge or Wet Meadow Sedge.

Carex Seeds - Bronze

Carex (Carex flagellifera Bronze) - If you enjoy ornamental grasses, you have to grow this Carex ornamental grass seed! This bronze Carex grass sedge forms a mop-top of pinkish bronze leaves. It is commonly called Weeping Brown Sedge, and its color and simplicity is a great addition to containers, rock gardens or borders.

Carex Seeds - Davalliana

Carex (Carex davalliana) - Known as Davall's Sedge or Bath Sedge, this ornamental grass grows readily from Carex seed. Naturally, this green Carex plant is found growing in damp to wet gravelly soil often with full sun exposure. This sedge plant gives four seasons of interest in milder climates.

Carex Seeds - Fresh Look

Carex (Carex pendula Fresh Look) - Start this Carex seed for an amazing accent plant! Commonly, this ornamental sedge is called Drooping Sedge, Weeping Sedge, or Pendulous Sedge, and you can see how the long, dark green leaves cascade downward, and the Carex plant is topped by handsome brown catkins in late spring.

Carex Seeds - Frosted Curls

Carex (Carex comans Frosted Curls) - Commonly called New Zealand Hair Sedge, this little dwarf sedge only reaches 12 inches in height. Grow Carex Frosted Curls from ornamental grass seed and enjoy the silvery, dense green clumps, in your pots and containers, beds and borders, or as ground covers.

Carex Seeds - Prairie Fire

Carex (Carex testacea Prairie Fire) - If you are fond of adding different colors and textures to your garden, this Carex seed is a must have! Commonly called Orange Sedge, it is an outstanding specimen plant with attractive olive green, fine-leaved foliage that bursts into orange tones in the fall.

Carex Seeds - Red Rooster

Carex (Carex buchananii Red Rooster) - Commonly known as Leatherleaf Sedge, this little has all that you want in an ornamental grass. It readily grows from Carex seed, and it has a dense, tufted, arching habit with narrow evergreen foliage. The leaves of this ornamental grass are copper-red to light brown in color.

Carex Seeds - Tenuiculmis

Carex (Carex tenuiculmis) - If you are attracted to the tones of brown, cappuccino, and bronze, you will enjoy this ornamental sedge growing in your borders and containers. Easy to grow from Carex seeds, this lovely ornamental grass is commonly called New Zealand Hair Sedge, and it brings a fusion of warm colors to the landscape.