Planting Instructions for Abutilon Flower Seeds

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Abutilon Planting and Care Guide

Quick Facts About Abutilon

Abutilon is commonly called parlor maple due to the fact that the leaves have a maple leaf shape. But this plant is much more than a maple! It is free flowering with large, crepe paper-like blooms that are simply stunning. Parlor maple does well growing in containers on the porch, patio or even indoors in a bright, sunny window. In warm climates, the shrub can get quite tall, but in cooler climates, it must be grown as an annual or brought indoors during the winter. Humming birds and other pollinators enjoy the blooms.

Planting Time

It is suggested to soak the Abutilon seeds prior to starting the seeds indoors. This should be done about 8 weeks prior to the end of frost season. Abutilon plants bloom the first year when grown from seed.

Planting Location

Abutilon does well in full sun or in partial shade. It's well suited to containers or it can be planted in the border. The plant does prefer soil that drains well and that is moderately rich or has compost added to it.

How to Plant Abutilon

  • Soak the Abutilon seeds for a few hours prior to planting
  • Fill trays with moistened seed starting soil
  • Press the flower seeds into the soil and barely cover 
  • Loosely place a piece of clear plastic wrap on top of the trays
  • Set the trays in a warm window for growing
  • Lift the plastic each day to mist down the seeds
  • Once seedlings emerge, remove the plastic wrap and continue growing the seedlings in the window
  • The growing tips can be pinched back to help shape the plant and encourage more branching
  • Once outdoor temperatures are warming up, harden the Abutilon plant off for 7 - 10 days and then transplant outdoors
  • Add compost to the soil at the time of transplanting

Care And Maintenance

  • Abutilon should be watered regularly
  • Add compost to the soil at the time of planting to add nutrients or apply a balanced water soluable fertilizer every month
  • When blooming has finished, prune the plant by removing damaged shoots and cutting the taller shoots back by 1/3
  • In the fall, watch for frost season to begin and bring the plant in and place in a sunny window
  • If pests appear on the plant, use neem oil
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