Beneficial insectary wildflower seed mixtures.

Beneficial Insectary Wild Flower Seed Mix

Beneficial Insectary Wildflower Seed - Studies have found that flowering plants have the potential to attract beneficial insects such as ladybugs, lacewings, ground beetles and other insects that feed on pests. Certain wildflowers will attract these beneficial insects. Many of the nectar sipping/pest-eating insects that are attracted to flower pollen will also pollinate your fruit and vegetable crops and increase your yields. The larger the area planted the better the results. Insectary wild flower seed mix will allow you to reduce insect damage without purchasing costly and harmful chemicals. You get the benefit of erosion control, pest control, soil enrichment, and the beautiful colorful appearance of a wild flower display. Mix contains: white yarrow, baby's breath, candytuft, sweet alyssum, baby blue eyes, California bluebells, and white dutch clover. White dutch clover and yarrow are perennials and the rest are annuals. Mixture will bloom from early spring until fall.

Wild flower seed mixture includes:

  • Baby's Breath, Annual
  • Candytuft, Annual
  • Baby Blue-Eyes
  • Bluebell, California
  • Clover, White
  • Alyssum, Tall White Sweet

Seeding rate: 1/4 LB Per 500 - 1,000 SF or 5 LBS Per 10,000 - 20,000 SF.
Question: Why such a broad range on the seeding rate?
Answer: Wild flower seed planting applications vary tremendously from the back yard flower bed to the 5 acre meadow. Various seeding rates are needed depending on the type of application you are considering. For your specific application use this for your guideline:

  • For a meadow look with scattered wildflowers using the lower end of the seeding rate
  • For an average display with good coverage use the middle range of the seeding rate
  • For a lush stand with almost solid wildflowers choose the upper end of the seeding rate