White Clover King Deer Food Plot Seed For Planting - Bulk Clover Seeds

Clover King Deer Food Plot Seed


Season:: Perennial

USDA Zones:: 3 - 10

Environment:: Full sun to partial shade

Height:: 10 -16 inches

Bloom Color:: White

Clover Deer Food Plot


Clover King is the ideal perennial blend for attracting deer. Makes a great deer food plot seed as it is 90% clover with 10% alfalfa for extra flavor and palatability. This mixture of clover and alfalfa will provide approximately 30% protein for the majority of the year for increased antler growth. A single planting can last up to 5 years without re-seeding. Clover King deer food plot seed gives you up to 5 years of deer-attracting and growing benefits from the effort of just one planting. Plus, it's heat-resistant, disease-resistant, and cold-tolerant to endure changing conditions.

Mixture contains approximately the following seeds:

  • 50% Marco Polo White Clover
  • 40% Ladino Clover
  • 10% Alfalfa

Marco Polo White Clover is the ideal variety for a combination of grazing and cutting. It is early in spring growth and will yield equally over the summer period. Marco Polo has shown to have good cold tolerance and a high resistance to the diseases that attack clovers in mild winters with changing temperatures. Marco Polo is an intermediate clover with medium to large leaves with a strong and erect growth making it an ideal deer food plot seed. White Clover can be planted in the spring or the fall. If planted in the fall, allow at least 8 weeks before the killing frost. Frost seeding also works well.

A large white clover (terrific deer food) which makes up about half the total white clover acreage in the U.S. Its high nutritive value and palatability make it a popular choice in pasture mixtures. It is not deep rooted, and will not tolerate much drought. It is two to four times as large as common white clover so it can produce much more forage then common white clovers.

Alfalfa is one of the most important legumes used in agriculture. However, alfalfa has a wide range of adaptation and can be grown from very cold northern plains to high mountain valleys, from rich temperate agricultural regions to Mediterranean climates and searing hot deserts. Alfalfa lives from three to twelve years, depending on variety and climate. It is a cool season perennial legume, growing to a height of about 3 feet. It resembles clover with clusters of small purple flowers. It also has a deep root system sometimes stretching to 15 feet. This makes it very resilient, especially to droughts. Alfalfa is very high in protein which makes it a great addition to any deer food plot seed blend.

Inoculated Seed - Our Clover King seed has been coated with an inoculant for better establishment. Nitrogen fixation is a one of the key values found in legumes and can only occur with the proper inoculation. Although many strains or Rhizobium may be present in the soil, all are not equally beneficial. With Nitro-Coat® each seed is inoculated with the correct Rhizobium strains and coated through a proven process that ensures a very high level of successful inoculation. A key to any successful establishment and early seed development is moisture. Nitro-Coat® is naturally water absorbent and helps attract soil moisture to the seed, getting your stand established quickly. This coating process which Outsidepride utilizes, assures that only the top-performing and crop-specific rhizobia will be applied to ensure your clovers reach maximum nodulation, stand establishment, and yield potential. With Nitro-Coat® each seed is inoculated with the correct Rhizobium strains and coated through a proven process that ensures a very high level of successful inoculation. The weight of the clover seeds will contain approximately 34% coating material that contains the inoculant and water holding material for better establishment and viability of the seed. There is no difference in the seeding rates between the coated and raw seed due to the increased germination and viability of the bulk clover seeds that are coated and inoculated. This coating material is not OMRI certified.

Seeding Rate:  8 - 10 lbs per acre