Trophy Rape Seed For Deer Food Plots - Brassicas

Trophy Rape Seed


Latin Name: Brassica napus

Season: Annual

Height: 20 inches

Environment: Full sun

USDA Zones: 5 - 9

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flower seeds
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Heat, Cold, Drought and Pest Resistant
Our Brassica Trophy Rapeseeds are designed to thrive under challenging conditions, including heat, cold, and drought, ensuring robust growth and high nutritional value for deer food plots. These versatile seeds improve soil structure and fertility, making them an ideal for brassica food plot seed or as deer plot mix.
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Livestock Grazing
Our Brassica Trophy Forage RapeSeed is ideal for livestock grazing, providing nutritious forage that supports healthy weight gain and overall livestock health. These seeds thrive in diverse conditions, ensuring a reliable food source year-round. They improve soil structure and fertility, making them suitable for brassica food plot seeds, deer plot seed mixes, and goat pasture seed mixes
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Attracts Pollinators
Our rapeseeds are excellent for attracting pollinators like bees and butterflies, essential for a thriving ecosystem. Our brassica food plot seed flourishes in various conditions, ensuring abundant blooms that support pollinator health. They enhance biodiversity and improve crop yields. Perfect for cover crops and forage, they contribute to efficient farming practices.
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USDA Zones 5-9
Our Brassica Trophy Forage Rapeseeds are ideally suited for USDA Zones 5-9, making them versatile for various climates. These no-till seeds excel in both warm and cool conditions, providing reliable ground cover and nutritious forage throughout the year. Whether you're planting in spring or fall, our seeds ensure robust growth and adaptability, supporting efficient farming practices and a healthy ecosystem.
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Rapeseed as a Versatile Crop
Our forage brassica seeds produce oil known as Canola Oil, prized for its versatility and multiple uses. In culinary applications, it's perfect for cooking and baking due to its light flavor and high smoke point. Industrially, it serves in the production of biodiesel and lubricants. In cosmetics, it's a key ingredient for skincare and haircare products due to its moisturizing properties. Known for its nutritional profile, Canola Oil is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Suitable for summer and fall food plot seeds, they thrive in diverse conditions, ensuring a reliable crop for various applications.
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Brassica Rapeseed: The Ultimate Deer Magnet
Rapeseed, known for its appeal to deer, becomes even more attractive after a frost as the sugar content becomes more concentrated. This makes it an excellent choice for deer food plots and food plot mixes. Ideal for brassica food plot seed, deer plot seed mixes, and no-till food plots, rapeseed enhances soil fertility and provides a nutritious forage option. It's perfect for summer and fall food plot seeds, supporting a thriving and healthy deer population.
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Our Brassica Trophy Forage RapeSeed thrives as a cool-season annual, flourishing in various conditions. With a seeding rate of 8-10 lbs per acre and a depth of 1/4 inch, it is easy to plant and maintain. Ideal seeding times are October in the Southern USA and August in the Northern USA. This seed offers impressive regrowth potential, providing 3-4 grazings per planting.

A forage brassica plant which is used extensively in deer food plots and for livestock grazing. Trophy rapeseed is a fast growing brassica that is heat, cold, and drought tolerant making it adapted to the USA. Rape becomes more attractive to deer after a frost because the sugar content will become more concentrated. Rape is a green leafy fast growing plant that produces large flat leafs that will grow between 12 to 20 inches long and 8 to 15 inches wide and may grow to a height of two to four feet. Forage produced can contain 18 - 20% crude protein. Good cold tolerance allows for harvesting or grazing late into the fall and winter.  

Rapeseed also can be used effectively as a winter cover crop. Its deep tap roots are excellent at breaking soil compaction. The deep roots also help to scavenge after nutrients that are deep within the soil profile. The large amount of bio-mass that rape produces makes it a great green manure. Rape is becoming more and more widely used in cover crops and crop rotations because it establishes quickly, suppresses weed growth, and helps reduce soil erosion. Trophy is a canola type rape which produces large volumes of biomass with equal or higher feed values than alfalfa.