Annual wild flower seed from Outsidepride.

Annual Sun Wild Flower Seed Mix

Annual Full Sun Wildflower Seeds - The all annual wild flower seed mixture is made up of 19 species that are designed to provide wildflowers for one year. It is ideal for overseeding mixed beds where the annuals have not re seeded themselves or to rejuvenate a bet that has gone "flat."

Wild flower seed mixture includes:

  • Calendula officinalis
  • Cornflower Mix
  • Godetia
  • Clarkia
  • Plains Coreopsis
  • Cosmos
  • Chinese Forget Me Not
  • Larkspur
  • African Daisy Flake
  • California Poppy
  • Baby's Breath
  • Sunflower Mix
  • Candytuft
  • Spurred Snapdragon
  • Alyssum
  • Virginia Stock
  • Shirley Poppy
  • Black Eyed Susan
  • Catchfly

Seeding rate: 5 - 10 pounds per acre or 3/4 - 1 1/4 pounds per 5,000 square feet.
Question: Why such a broad range on the seeding rate?
Answer: Wild flower seed planting applications vary tremendously from the back yard flower bed to the 5 acre meadow. Various seeding rates are needed depending on the type of application you are considering. For your specific application use this for your guideline:

  • For a meadow look with scattered wildflowers using the lower end of the seeding rate
  • For an average display with good coverage use the middle range of the seeding rate
  • For a lush stand with almost solid wildflowers choose the upper end of the seeding rate