Planting Instructions for Angelica Herb Seeds

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Angelica Planting and Care Guide

Quick Facts About Angelica

Angelica is an ornamental herb with umbrella like flowers. Over the centuries it has been used both medicinally and as a flavoring. The root has a musky aroma and is used in foods and beverages. It is native to the Northern Hemisphere and grows in temperate and subarctic regions. Angelica has a history in Nordic medicine and today is used to make teas and tinctures.

Planting Time

Angelica seeds need to be cold stratisfied. Place the seeds in the refrigerator (39 degrees) for 3 weeks prior to starting the seeds indoors. If sown directly in the garden, in the spring plant prior to the last frost.

Planting Location

Angelica prefers full to partial sun and slightly acidic soil. Do not let Angelica dry out but rather keep the soil consistently moist. If possible, plant in an area with good morning and early afternoon sunlight yet shaded in the late afternoon and evening.

How to Plant Angelica

  • Angelica seeds need light for germination - do not cover
  • Place the seeds on the surface of moistened soil and press the seeds into the soil
  • Keep herb seeds moist until germination
  • Space seedlings 12 - 24 inches apart

Care And Maintenance

  • The leaves and stems are edible and can be cut from the plant
  • If harvesting the leaves, deadhead the flower heads and seeds pods
  • The roots can used to make teas, so pull the entire plant up
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