Dill Herb Seeds Planting Instructions

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Dill Planting and Care Guide

Quick Facts About Dill

Dill herbs are well known for their distinctive aroma and can be used in many culinary dishes. Dill leaves, seed, and oil are all harvested from the plant. It is an annual and in the celery family, and in addition to being a seasoning, it also is used as companion plant in the garden as it repels unwanted pests.

Planting Time

Once the danger of frost has passed, directly sow Dill seeds into the garden. Ideal soil temperature is 60 - 70 degrees F.

Planting Location

Dill plants need full sun exposures and well-drained, moderately rich soil.

How to Plant Dill

  • Dill does not transplant well, so plant directly in the garden
  • Work the garden soil 8 inches deep
  • Add compost to improve soil
  • Sow the Dill seeds in rows, grouping 3 seeds every 6 inches
  • Rows should be about 12 inches apart
  • Thin the seedlings to 1 every 4 inches
  • Sow the seeds successively every 10 - 14 days for a continued harvest

Care And Maintenance

  • Dill leaves, called Dillweed, can be harvested once the plants are 6 - 8 inches tall
  • The flowers can be harvested later in the season
  • Cut the flowers and bring indoors for drying
  • Dill is known to be a liberal self-sower
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