Summer Savory Herb Seed Planting Instructions

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Summer Savory Planting and Care Guide

Quick Facts About Summer Savory

Grow Summer Savory for your garden from herb seeds and season meat and veggies all summer long. As fast as you pick these aromatic leaves, new ones begin to grow! It's bright, pungent and slightly sweet. Summer Savory boasts a warming, peppery scent and taste and is one of the essential ingredients in Herbs de Provence (along with rosemary, thyme, and oregano). Summer Savory is also wonderful alone to season beans, meats and dressings.

Planting Time

Start Summer Savory seeds indoors about 6 weeks prior to the end of frost season. Or, directly sow the herb seeds in the garden after frost danger has passed.

Planting Location

Summer Savory plants perfers sandy, fast draining soils and full sun.

How to Plant Summer Savory

  • Sow the seeds in starter flats
  • Only lightly cover the seeds with soil as light is needed for germination
  • Keep flats moist and warm for germination
  • Harden off the seedlings and transplant out after 6 - 8 weeks of growth
  • Or, work the garden soil to a depth of 6 - 8 inches
  • Add lots of compost to improve soil drainage
  • Directly sow the herb seeds 3 - 5 inches apart
  • Lightly cover with soil
  • Keep the seeded area moist for germination

Care And Maintenance

  • Keep the Summer Savory plants consistently irrigated until established
  • Once the plants are 6 inches in height, the leaves can be harvested
  • Stems with leaves can be hung upside down to dry
  • Keep dried herbs in a glass jar
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