Drought Tolerant Herbs For Water Conservation & Xeriscape Landscaping

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Many scientists believe the Earth is going to keep getting warmer and drought conditions will become more prevalent.  This may or may not be true; however, we do know water conservation is becoming more important. Many gardeners are looking for solutions to minimize water usage by seeking out plants that thrive with less irrigation. Growing a drought tolerant herb garden is an ideal way to accomplish this.  Not only can you grow great tasting herbs which are nutritious, but you can do it in an environmentally friendly way.

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You might think accomplishing this is difficult and just trying to find drought tolerant herbs is going to be a monumental task.  Fortunately, Outsidepride has done the work for you and created an entire category of herbs that are resistant to drought and require very little water.  Better yet, herbs require little to no fertilization, especially if the garden plot has been properly prepared prior to planting.

Preparing your herb garden with a little soil amendment goes a long way. Drought tolerant herbs generally are resistant to most diseases and pests, but as with most plants they will do best in soil that has quality nutrients. Adding compost to the soil will ensure the plants are able to uptake valuable nutrition as well as providing soil that drains well and allows roots to penetrate deep. Mix in 30 to 50% organic compost, sand and other amendments into the soil, especially if it is clay, to allow for root aeration and drainage. You may even want to get a soil test to ensure you are ammending the soil correctly.

Many studies estimate in hot, dry climates that 75% of a households' water is used to irrigate  lawns and landscaping. Xeriscaping (the process of landscaping, or gardening, that reduces or eliminates the need for irrigation) helps preserve water as it is more reliant on natural rainfall and minimal maintenance when compared to traditional landscaping. Several studies have concluded that xeriscaping can reduce outdoor irrigation by 60% which will greatly reduce your water bill. There is no better way to start xeriscaping then with a drought tolerant herb garden!