Carnation Seeds - Dianthus Carophyllus Grenadin Rose Flower Seed

Carnation Seeds - Rose

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Flower Specifications

Season: Biennial

USDA Zones: 5 - 10

Height: 18 - 24 inches

Bloom Season: Summer

Bloom Color: Rose

Environment: Full sun

Soil Type: Well-drained, pH 6.0 - 7.5

Deer Resistant: Yes

House Plant: No

Latin Name: Dianthus Caryophyllus

Planting Directions

Temperature: 65 - 70F

Average Germ Time: 7 - 14 days

Light Required: No

Depth: Cover thickness of seed

Sowing Rate: 2 - 3 seeds per plant

Moisture: Keep moist until germination

Plant Spacing: 12 - 18 inches

Care & Maintenance: Carnation

Carnation (Dianthus Caryophyllus Grenadin Rose) - Start Carnation Seeds, and you can have a wide selection of lovely Carnation flowers for cutting and arrangements. Grenadin Carnations are very popular with florists and are used in corsages, bouquets, and a wide range of floral arrangements. You can grow this lovely Rose colored Carnation from flower seed in your own garden! They grow big, full blooms on strong, straight stems. They feature a blue-gray foliage that stays attractive even when the blooms are finished. Their blooms last a long time whether left in the garden or cut for the vase. Dianthus Caryophyllus has a wonderful spicy clove-like fragrance. Good drainage is essential for winter hardiness.

Sow Dianthus Caryophyllus seeds in trays using starter mix 6 weeks before last frost. Cover only to the thickness of the flower seed. Bottom water to keep the seeds moist. Carnation seeds germinate in 1 - 2 weeks. Pinch out the growing tips in the seedling tray when the plants are 2 - 3 inches in height. This encourages bushy growth. Transplant Dianthus plants outdoors after last frost. Deadhead spent Carnation flowers to prolong bloom time.