Delphinium Seed - Delphinium Cultorum Blue Bird Flower Seeds

Delphinium Seeds - Blue Bird

Flower Specifications

Season: Perennial

USDA Zones: 3 - 8

Height: 70 inches

Bloom Season: Summer

Bloom Color: Dark blue

Environment: Full sun

Soil Type: Rich, well-drained, pH 6.6 - 7.5

Deer Resistant: Yes

House Plant: No

Latin Name: Delphinium Cultorum

Planting Directions

Temperature: 55F

Average Germ Time: 14 - 28 days

Light Required: No

Depth: 1/8 - 1/4 inch

Sowing Rate: 2 to 3 seeds per plant

Moisture: Keep seed moist until germination

Plant Spacing: 30 inches

Delphinium (Delphinium Cultorum Blue Bird) - Easy-to-grow from Delphinium seed, Blue Bird is a Pacific Giant Hybrid grown as a perennial in some areas and as an annual in other areas. Its mid-blue flowers have white centers. The flowers are large but short-lived and bloom on tall stems that grow up to 6 feet in height. Grow Pacific Giants at the back of a border or in the middle of an island bed. Delphiniums provide a unique and colorful addition to any flower garden. They also attract hummingbirds and butterflies to the garden!

Grow Blue Bird in full sun and in fertile, well drained soil. Space new container grown plants 30 inches apart. Delphinium Cultorum care includes applying a balanced liquid fertilizer every month as the plants are heavy feeders. Also, because of this plant's potential height and hollow stems, plant in an area that is sheltered from high winds, or stake the plant to avoid them falling over or breaking.

To get a jump start on the growing season, sow Delphinium flower seeds indoors 4 - 6 weeks before last frost. Use sterile starter mix in trays and cover flower seeds 1/8 - 1/4 inches.

Delightful Garden Flower

The Cultorum series of delphinium is known for growing dense and tall! True to its name, this plant blooms all summer long.

Delightful Garden Flower

Unique Cut Flower

How to Grow

Sow these seeds indoors 4-6 weeks before the last expected frost. Plant at a depth of 1/4 inch, and make sure to keep seeds moist until germination. Seedlings can be transplanted outdoors after frost danger has passed. These seeds can also be sown directly outdoors anywhere from spring through fall, although they will bloom much later than if planted indoors. Plant after frost danger has passed. Delphinium plants are heavy feeders, so make sure to apply a balanced liquid fertilizer every month. Plants should be spaced approximately 30 inches apart for best performance.

  • Environment: full sun
  • Soil: rich and well-drained w' pH 6.6-7.5
  • Sowing rate: 2-3 seeds per plant
Unique Cut Flower

Plant Specifications

Delphinium is a perennial flowering plant that grows in USDA zones 3 through 8. They are known for serving well as unique cut flowers with their tall flower spikes, and they are great at attracting butterflies and hummingbirds.

  • Bloom color: dark blue
  • Bloom season: summer
  • Plant height: 70 inches