Lawn Grass Seed Quality For Outsidepride

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It is very imortant when planting a new lawn that you choose a grass seed blend that is of high quality. The first thing you want to ensure is the grass seed has a high germination rate coupled with low weed seed, other crop, and inert matter rates. These rates are all expressed as percentages on the label when you buy grass seed. You do not want to buy grass seed with a germination rate lower than 80% and the crop, weed, and inert matter should be as close to 0.00% as possible. You can be assured when you buy grass seed from you are purchasing the highest quality grass seed available. The second thing you want to ensure is the varieties of grass seed which are in the blend are newer varieties and the proper varieties for the blend. Many blends which are "economical" are that way simple due to the fact they contain very old varieties and grasses such as annual ryegrass are thrown in to the blend to cut the price down. Old varieties or varieties which should not be in the blend can make for an unsightly lawn, a lawn that does not wear well, a lawn that is prone to disease and fungus, and a lawn that you will end up replacing.'s grasses are all newer varieties carefully selected to work together with the latest generation of breeding technology to ensure the best quality available.