How To Properly Overseed A Lawn Using Grass Seed

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The best way to keep your lawn healthy and vigorous is to over seed it every year or two.

  1. Mow lawn at 1 to 1 ½ inches – remove clippings.
  2. Rake hard (steel rake) enough to loosen the soil and break apart the thatch. Remove debris. You may want to rent a dethatcher from your local rental store to get up all the dead grass and then rake firmly to loosen the top soil.
  3. Apply seed evenly over the entire lawn at the recommend rate. Rake the lawn once again to ensure the seed works its way down to the soil. If it sits on top of any grass, it will germinate and then die.
  4. Water – keep soil moist until the new seed germinates. Decrease watering frequency, but increase duration (instead of watering twice a day for 1/2 hour, water once or twice a week for one hour). In approximately 5 weeks you will have a thicker, rejuvenated lawn.