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These specialty wildflower seed mixtures are designed for specific purposes such as an all annual wildflower seed mix or an all perennial wildflower seed mix and more...

Regional WIldflower Mixtures Garden Flower Seed


Annual Short Wild Flowers Seeds

Short Annual Wild Flower Mix - Sow wild flower seeds to create this gorgeous look in your garden! Annual varieties in this mix have a spreading or mounding growth form which creates an even, 12 inch tall carpet of brilliant flowers in sunny hues.

Balcony Wild Flower Seed

Balcony Wildflowers - This wild flower seed mixture contains free-flowering dwarf annuals only reaching 10 inches tall. Perfect for containers or flower pots for balconies. Easy germination, fast blooms, and low growing make a perfect and colorful wildflower display for your balcony.

Everlasting Wildflowers

Everlasting Wildflowers - This wild flower seed mixture contains flowers that are perfect for use in dryflower arrangements. These wildflowers are good cut flowers that are easy to dry and preserve. You can make beautiful dried flower bouquets from this wild flower seed mixture.

Firewise Seeds

Firewise Wildflowers - This flower mixture contains annuals and perennials that are suitable for firewise plantings in the western United States. It contains plants that have higher moisture content, lower amounts of volatile oils, produce less fuel, and are more compact or low-growing than many traditional landscaping plants.

Japanese Flower Garden

Japanese Flower Garden - This is a semi-tall wildflower seed mixture that reaches approximately 20 inches in height. This wildflower seed selection is comprised of flowers you will often find in a Japanese flower garden. These delicate colors provide a beautiful display all spring and summer.

Pollinator Wild Flower Seed

Pollinator Wildflower Seed - Pollinators are probably the first beneficial insect that we think of. Without pollinators, our food resources would be drastically reduced. Pollination is required to produce seeds and fruit in up to 80 percent of the world's flowering plants, including 2/3 of the world's food plants. It would be difficult to imagine our food choices without food plants!

Rock Garden Seeds - Annuals

Rock Garden Annuals - This wild flower seed mixture contains annual flowers that are perfect for the rock garden. These dwarf wildflowers only reach approximately 8 inches and have a long bloom season; however, annual flowers only last one year.

Rock Garden Seeds - Perennials

Rock Garden Perennials - This wild flower seed mixture contains perennial flowers that are perfect for the rock garden. These dwarf wildflowers only reach approximately 8 inches in height and have a long bloom season as the flower seed selection has different flowers blooming at different times.

Tall Annual Cutflowers

Tall Annual Cutflowers - If you want a wildflower seed to germinate quickly, establish in no time, and bloom within a few months, look no further then this tall annual cutflower mix of wildflowers. Nice long stems make these the perfect flowers for cutting and putting in to live flower bouquets.