Goji Seeds Planting Instructions

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Goji Planting and Care Guide

Quick Facts About Goji

Goji berries are considered to be a superfood and are packed with antioxidants, amino acids, Vitamins C, B and E, essential fatty acids - and are widely used to reduce inflammation. This shrub is easy to grow and will reward you with loads of nutritious berries over a long harvest season. Also known as Wolfberry, the berries are extra sweet and can be frozen, dried, juiced or eaten fresh.

Planting Time

Goji seeds need to be started indoors 6 - 8 weeks prior to the end of frost season. It's helpful to have greater control over the enviroment in order to produce healthy seedlings that can be transplanted when outdoors conditions are optimal.

Planting Location

For the best production of berries, the Goji plants need full sun. Moist soil that drains well and is relatively nutrient poor is the best for the plants to thrive.

How to Plant Goji

  • In trays indoors, group 3 - 4 seeds together
  • Lightly cover the seeds with soil
  • Keep the seeds moist and keep them in a sunny window or under grow lights
  • Once the seedlings have developed their 3rd true leaves, they can be hardened off and transplanted into the garden
  • Plants should be 3 - 4 feet apart

Care And Maintenance

  • Goji plants need regular irrigations as they establish
  • Once established, they become fairly drought tolerant
  • Fertilizing is not needed, or at the most, a very light application first in the season
  • The plants need 2 - 3 years of growth before they produce berries
  • Plants can be trellised to make harvesting easier
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