Planting Instructions for Hyacinth Bean Seed

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Hyacinth Bean Planting and Care Guide

Quick Facts About Hyacinth Bean

A Hyacinth Bean Vine is stunning in the garden, and pollinators are attracted to the rosy-lilac blooms. Provide a trellis, fence or other structure for climbing, and this vine will quickly give a beautiful privacy screen. Please note: raw bean seeds are poisonous.

Planting Time

Sow Hyacinth Bean seeds directly in the garden once frost danger has passed.

Planting Location

Hyacinth Bean vines need full sun, moist, well-draining soil and a solid structure that provides support to 9 feet or more of foliage.

How to Plant Hyacinth Bean

  • It's recommended to nick the outer coat of the seed with a knife or soak the seeds overnight in water prior to planting
  • Weed the area and work the garden soil to a depth of 6 inches or more
  • Add compost to provide nutrients and improve soil drainage
  • Plant the seeds about 6 inches apart and cover with 1/2 - 1 inch of soil
  • Keep the area moist for germination

Care And Maintenance

  • Hyacinth Bean vines prefer moist conditions for growing - but not soggy wet
  • Add a fertilizer that is high in phosphorous and potassium each month during the growing season
  • Hyacinth Bean vines will die back with the first few frosts of fall
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