Planting Instructions for Lobelia Seeds

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Lobelia Planting Guide

Quick Facts About Lobelia

Lobelia provides free flowering, intense, non-stop color for containers or in the front of the flower bed. There are compact, bushy varieties and trailing varieties. Lobelias are marvelous for spilling out of window boxes or handing baskets, and they can be brought indoors and wintered over. They are virtually pest free and are very low maintenance.

Planting Time

The preferred method of sowing Lobelia seeds is indoors, 8 - 12 weeks prior to the end of frost season.

Planting Location

Lobelia plants thrive in a sunny area. Full sun in the morning and afternoon shade would be the perfect location. The soil should be rich, moist and well-draining.

How to Plant Lobelia

  • Start Lobelia seeds in trays filled with quality seed starter mix.
  • The seeds need light for germination so press them into the soil but do not cover.
  • Keep the flower seeds consistently warm and moist for germination.
  • Loosely cover the tray with plastic wrap to help hold in moisture and warmth.
  • Lift the plastic wrap each day to mist down the seeds.
  • Once sprouts are up, remove plastic wrap and only water from the bottom.
  • Keep the trays in a bright window or under grow lights (14 hours each day).
  • Once the seedlings are several inches in height, harden them off for 7 - 10 days.
  • Transplant out into pots, containers, or directly in the garden, spacing about 6 inches apart.

Care And Maintenance

  • Lobelia prefers a moist but not soggy soil, so pay attention to the moisture
  • It does not need to be deadheaded - it self-cleans
  • Lobelia plants can decline in the heat of summer especially if they are in full sun - so cut the plant back by 1/2 and water well to regenerate new growth and new blooms
  • Because of its heavy blooming, Lobelia needs regular fertilizer applications during the growing season - a fertilizer for blooms is best (high in phosphorous and potassium)
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