Mugwort Herb Seed Planting Instructions

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Mugwort Planting and Care Guide

Quick Facts About Mugwort

The Mugwort herb plant is shrub-like and many herb gardeners grow it as a hedge. It is considered ornamental with late-summer flower clusters and attractive foliage. As a culinary herb, the leaves have a pleasant bitter taste and are used for flavoring and as a tea. Mugwort flowers are very attractive to pollinators.

Planting Time

Mugwort does best with directly sowing the seeds in the garden. Do this when there are still frosts expected, so early spring or late winter.

Planting Location

Mugwort plants can thrive almost anywhere. Full sun and well-draining soil are preferred.

How to Plant Mugwort

  • Work the soil several inches in depth
  • Add some compost to improve the drainage
  • Sow the seed and gently press the seed into the soil
  • The seed needs light for germination
  • Keep the seeds moist
  • Mugwort seeds can be started indoors, but give the seeds a cold treatment in the refrigerator prior to sowing the seeds in starter flats.

Care And Maintenance

  • Mugwort plants can become invasive due to the underground rhizomes
  • To help offset the invasive nature, deadhead the flowers and grow in pots
  • The flowers can be cut and dried for future dried flower arrangements
  • Do not over water Mugwort - allow to dry out inbetween waterings
  • Typical harvesting time is early fall prior to frosts - the top 1/3 of the plant can be cut and hung to dry
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