Thyme Herb Seeds Planting Instructions

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Thyme Planting and Care Guide

Quick Facts About Thyme

Thyme is found in recipes for almost everything including fish, chowders, sauces, stuffings, soups, meats and poultry. The aromatic, warming flavor holds up well during long cooking times. Thyme also makes an attractive plant for the herb garden. Thyme plants attract pollinators and repel pets, so it's a great little herb to grow!

Planting Time

Sow Thyme herb seeds 6 - 8 weeks prior to the end of frost season for transplanting out in the garden.

Planting Location

Plant Thyme in full sun and in fast-draining soils. Thyme does not like wet soils and may rot in soils that hold water.

How to Plant Thyme

  • Sow the herb seeds in starter trays
  • Press the seeds into the soil but do not cover
  • Keep the seeds moist for germination
  • Harden off seedlings for 7 - 10 days prior to transplanting
  • Transplant out into prepared garden bed, adding compost at the time of planting

Care And Maintenance

  • Allow Thyme plants to dry out inbetween waterings
  • Feed the plants with water soluable fertilizer a few times throughout the growing season
  • Harvest as desired but always leave 1/3 of the plant for continued growth
  • Best flavor is prior to the Thyme plants blooming
  • Fresh Thyme can be frozen or dried for later use
  • It's possible to get 2 harvests each season
  • Trimming the plants encourages compact growth
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