Planting Instructions for Yarrow Flower Seeds

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Yarrow Planting and Care Guide

Quick Facts About Yarrow

Common Yarrow can be found growing across the United States. It's a lovely wildflower that attracts butterflies and other pollinators. It's also dear resistant. Yarrow has attractive, fragrant, finely divided fern-like leaves and large flat-topped flower clusters. In the wild, the flowers are typically white, but cultivated Yarrow comes in a variety of colors. All Yarrow is wonderful for cutting and lasts well in the vase.

Planting Time

Start Yarrow seeds indoors 8 - 10 weeks prior to the end of frost season. The plant can produce blooms the first year it is grown from seed.

Planting Location

Grow Yarrow in full sun. If the plant receives shade during the day, the stems may be spindly and need support. Yarrow is not picky about soil, but it does need to drain well.

How to Plant Yarrow

  • Fill starter trays with moistened seed starting soil
  • Yarrow seeds need light for germination, so press the seeds into the soil but do not cover them
  • Place the trays in a warm, bright sunny window - a heating mat may speed the germination time up
  • Keep the trays continually moist
  • Continue growing the seedlings in the bright window
  • Once the temperatures begin to warm up outdoors, harden off the Yarrow seedlings for 7 - 10 days prior to transplanting out
  • At the time of transplanting, amend the soil with some compost to improve the soil and ensure that the soil drains well

Care And Maintenance

  • Water regularly to help establish the young plants
  • Once established, Yarrow is fairly drought tolerant and needs only to be watered during dry periods
  • No fertilizer is needed, but compost mulch put around the base of the plant each year is helpful to suppress weeds and to provide nutrients
  • Deadheading is required to keep Yarrow plants blooming throughout the season, and it will help with the self-sowing and spreading
  • Yarrow plants benefit from being divided every 2 - 3 years. In the spring when new growth is evident, use a spade to divide the plant. Give the extra plant away or plant it in another location in the garden
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