Miniclover® Seed For Planting No Mow Drought Tolerant Clover Lawns

Miniclover Seeds

Clover Specifications

Latin Name: Trifolium Repens

Season: Perennial

USDA Zones: 3 - 10

Environment: Full sun to partial shade

Height: 4 - 6 inches

Bloom Color: White (If not mowed)

image of flower
Lawn Alternative
Revitalize your lawn with Outsidepride Perennial White MiniClover seeds, the ideal dwarf clover ground cover. Our small-leaved clover is drought-tolerant and enhances soil health by fixing nitrogen, promoting a lush, green landscape with minimal maintenance. Enjoy reduced mowing and watering, making it perfect for busy gardeners. Perfect for slopes, pathways, or open spaces, our Miniclover offers an attractive, lawn alternative or mix-in with other grass.
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Erosion- Control
Our Perennial White Miniclover is ideal for erosion control, providing a dense mat that helps prevent soil erosion while maintaining a lush, green appearance. In fact, our Miniclover is easy to maintain and grass-friendly, enriching the soil with nitrogen and reducing the need for fertilizers. Whether you're dealing with erosion or simply looking for an attractive ground cover solution, our seeds are perfect for any garden. Keep your yard looking pristine and protect your soil with our reliable erosion control solution.
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Ground Cover
Transform your landscape with our premium ground cover seeds, perfect for any garden. You can mix our perennial micro clover with other ground cover plants like red creeping thyme, creeping jenny, and sedum seeds, each offering unique benefits and aesthetic appeal. Enhance your garden’s beauty and functionality with our reliable and easy-to-maintain ground cover solutions. Discover the joy of a vibrant, low-maintenance garden that thrives throughout the seasons.
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Drought Tolerant
Our Perennial White Miniclover or microclover is ideal for dry conditions, enriching the soil health of your lawn. These ground covers minimize watering and fertilizing needs, making them cost-effective than other type of Clovers. Adding even a very small amount of miniclover to an existing lawn will improve the color, increase drought tolerance, and crowd out unwanted plants.
Enhance your lawn with Outsidepride Perennial White Miniclover Dwarf, a superior ground cover featuring small leaves that grow to only 4-6 inches tall. Ideal for low maintenance and high wear tolerance, our miniclover is not only easy to grow but also functions as a nitrogen fixer, enriching your soil naturally. Our versatile clover can be trained to maintain its compact size after just a few mowings, making it the perfect choice for a lush lawn that requires minimal maintenance. Transform your outdoor space with our resilient and lazy lawn solution.
Our MiniClover is adapted to a wide range of climatic and soil conditions. When Miniclover is planted in warm temperatures and kept moist, you will have sprouts typically within 5 - 7 days. If our Miniclover is not cut then the leaf size increases, the more it is cut then the smaller the leaf size. When Miniclover or micro clover lawns are not mowed at all, the leaf size will be about 1/2 the size of White Dutch Clover and it will flower in the summer for about 1 month.
Our Perennial White Miniclover Dwarf grows almost anywhere with minimal effort. Ideal for low maintenance and high wear tolerance, it enriches your soil naturally as a nitrogen fixer. With a seeding rate of 1/4 - 1/2 lb per 1000 square feet and a depth of approximately 1/8 inch, it's easy to plant. Seed in late winter, early spring, or late summer in the Southern USA and early spring or late summer in the Northern USA. Coated with Nitro-Coat for better establishment, it supports no-till, minimum-till, and broadcast seeding techniques. Perfect for integrating with other ground cover plants like moss phlox, sweet woodruff, and ajuga seeds, our miniclover creates a lush, green lawn and pasture. Ideal for erosion control, full shade ground cover, and drought-resistant grass seed applications, it transforms your outdoor space into a vibrant, green-filled landscape.

Miniclover® (Trifolium repens) is a perennial, drought tolerant white clover only growing to approximately 4 - 6 inches tall making it ideal for a lawn alternative or to mix with your current lawn grass. Miniclover®, a very small leaved white clover, also produces stolons so that it can spread itself evenly over the ground. Adding just 2 - 5% of Miniclover® to the grass seed mixture will result in a much-improved lawn. It has all the benefits of regular white clover just packed into smaller leaves. Miniclover's ability to pull nitrogen from the air and fix or convert it to a usable form by the plants makes it a great companion for turf grass varieties making them more drought tolerant. This is due to nitrogen fixation benefiting the turf grass plants as well producing a healthy, dense, and naturally fertilized clover lawn that will require very little fertilizer maintenance.

The dense clover growth alongside the growth of the turf grass will help prevent the establishment of new weeds. In addition, Miniclover® is very tolerant to low mowing heights so if this microclover is not dwarf enough you can easily mow it down to achieve the perfect clover lawn. Miniclover® is very low maintenance and it helps to carry this characteristic to what ever it may be planted with. Miniclover® will flower in the summer for about 1 month if it is not mowed. Great lawn alternative!


The sustainable and cost effective choice

Requires less fertilizer and less water than traditional grass. Waste less! The cost of either adding Miniclover to an existing lawn seed mix or replacing a lawn completely is typically recovered during the first year. It tolerates wet and partially shady conditions, as well as drought. However, it can only tolerate wet conditions as long as the area is not flooded for long periods.

Mixed with grasses, Miniclover® grows around the grass plants and feeds your grass nitrogen for you. The nitrogen continues to be released into the soil during the growing season until the first night frosts occur. The nitrogen is therefore available when and where it is needed. Of course, all at no cost to you, in terms either of money or of maintenance., and so there is no risk of leaching, nor is there a risk of fertilizer burning in the field.

In the opinion of many turf managers, the wear tolerance of turf containing Miniclover® is superior to traditional lawn grasses. Miniclover permanently fertilizes the sward, thus increasing its wear tolerance.

unmowed miniclover versus unmowed grass

Low-growing means less mowing

Miniclover reaches a mature height of only 4 - 6 inches. Even better, after the first few mowings, your Miniclover will be trained to only grow to a height of ~3 inches. For many, this is an optimal height and thus will not need to be mowed from then on!

Miniclover is very low maintenance and it helps to carry this characteristic to what ever it may be planted with. Miniclover will flower once a year in the summer for about 1 month if it is not mowed. Great lawn alternative!

Other white clovers looks considerably different to turf grass as the leaf blades are twice the size and may stand out like a sore thumb. Miniclover® and microclovers have such tiny leaves when mowed and short stems, that from a distance it blends in very nicely in to the appearance of your lawn. It does well in partially shaded areas that receive at least some direct sunshine during a day. Miniclover® is evenly distributes itself in lawns; therefore, it doesn't have the patchy and weedy appearance as seen with ordinary white clover.

Miniclover drought tolerance

Superior drought tolerance

The image to the left demonstrates the drought tolerance of Miniclover and its ability to pass that benefit on to turf grass. The highlighted plot is a mixture of typical lawn grass and miniclover, the surrounding plots are all different kinds of popular lawn grasses.

After establishment, none of the plots were watered for two weeks! The picture was taken at the end of that two weeks. As you can see, the plot with Miniclover stayed healthy and green — not only the Miniclover itself, but also the turf grass it was mixed with benefitted from the deep Miniclover roots.

White clover remains greener much longer than lawn grasses do, in both drought and cold conditions. Lawns containing Miniclover® are a brighter green earlier and later in the year. It has a good summer color, as it is particularly resistant to drought because of its deep rooting system.

Miniclover® is adapted to a wide range of climatic and soil conditions. It tolerates wet and partially shady conditions, as well as drought. However, it can only tolerate wet conditions as long as the area is not flooded for long periods. The type of shade normally occurring in parks and on golf courses is not a problem for Miniclover® or other dwarf, low growing, microclovers. White clover can also help aerate the soil, thus reducing concerns over soil compaction. White clover tolerates compacted soil better than lawn grass does. It has longer roots, enabling it to access water at deeper levels than most lawn grasses. If you're interested in cheap, low-maintenance lawn alternatives to grass, Miniclover® is the perfect solution and is easy to plant from bulk clover seeds. Add it to your existing lawn to improve overall lawn health or use as a complete lawn alternative.

If Miniclover® is not cut then the leaf size increases, the more it is cut then the smaller the leaf size. When Miniclover® or micro clover lawns are not mowed at all, the leaf size will be about 1/2 the size of White Dutch Clover. When it is mowed, new leaf heads form within a few days so it continually looks thick and lush. If the clover lawn is never mowed, it will get approximately 6 inches tall depending on soil quality, sunshine, water, temperature, etc. If you mow it, it will want to quit growing just slightly taller than the height it was mowed at. For example, if you mow it at a height of 3 inches, it will head back out and quit growing at a height of approximately 4 inches. In other words, you can almost "train" its growing height with infrequent mowings which is called, "plant elasticity". Usually, just after a few mowings it will stay in the 4" height range becoming a very dense, very lush, and very beautiful lawn or ground cover.

The wear tolerance of turf containing Miniclover® or microclovers will exceed that of traditional lawn grasses. The white clover permanently fertilizes the sward, thus increasing its wear tolerance. In addition, it weaves its stolons with the grass, spreading evenly and integrating its leaves homogeneously into the sward. Miniclover® will improve the performance of even the highest-ranking wear tolerant varieties. The improved wear tolerance of Miniclover® is very important, particularly for areas of sports fields or clover lawns where ground cover can be difficult to retain due to dogs or other heavy traffic. Adding Miniclover® or micro clovers to the grass not only improves wear tolerances, helps to aerate the soil, adds natural nitrogen to the soil, but it also results in an improved tolerance to cutting, allowing lower mowing heights to make a good clover seed ground cover.


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  • Great clover! grew really fast between my stepping stones...only regret is I should have bought more seed because they are out of it now.
  • I dont remember when I first heard about Outside Pride, but it has been a family tradition to get wildflower seed mixes from them every year so when I needed to reseed part of my lawn and decided to go with clover this time, Outside Pride caught my eye. The mini-clover seed germinated in three to five days and has hung in there despite the ground being on the dry side of dessicated, not ideal moisture conditions at all ... and my Village DPW has banned lawn watering so all it gets is what I carry in a water-sprinkler can. If needed again in the coming Spring I will not hesitate to get more.
  • I have 5 large dogs and we had a bad winter. Between them they practically destroyed the yard. I decided to plant the mini clover and the yard looks better than it has in years.
  • I highly recommend this clover and look forward to not mowing next year.
  • I live in a condo with a small back yard comprised of just planting beds along a paver pathway and patio. I have small dogs I wanted to find a better substrate for them (besides mulch) plus I wanted some more green to "liven up" the patio. So I tried to grow grass - but no luck. After doing a search on grass alternatives I learned about Mini Clover and decided to give it a shot. Two weeks later it is filling in nicely with minimal care. It is not a full covering yet but everywhere I have scattered seed it is growing evenly (both heavily shaded and full sun areas). When I started no grass was left and I had raked the soil prior to scattering the mini clover seeds using the scott's hand spreader (set on 1 smallest opening). Very pleased so far and I can't wait for it to become more established. Definitely would order these seeds again from Outsidepride again.
  • I started off with just a big mud dirt pile for a back yard. I ordered these to cover the pathways I was making for my yard. They came in fast and lush. I had only bought one bag so was highly disappointed when i went to reorder some and they were out of stock.I bought some micro clovers instead of these to do another path, boy what a mistake that was. The mini clover grows faster fills in faster and yields far better then the micro. I was totally happy to see these get back in stock on amazon. ran off and bought three more bags.
  • Seeds sprouted up nicely despite not having perfect weather conditions. I made sure I wet down the area well and covered with plastic to keep them moist while under the sun and then protected from the sudden cold that showed up; and they all sprouted up and are growing and thriving. I signed up with the company's website and received a coupon for 20% off ground covers and I am so impressed with this seed that I went ahead and purchased another 5 lbs. I have quite of bit of area I want to cover with this. I also checked on other mini clovers out there, Outside Pride has the most affordable seed.
  • I love love love this clover. I've been planting it for about a year now. Partly it's mixed into my grass. This reduces the need for water and fertilizer. The biggest benefit is that it stays green with dog pee. Yay!! On the far side of my yard I've planted only clover between the pavers. It's a much brighter, prettier green than the thyme I have in that area. It's so easy to plant and maintain. Just a once a month mow or cut. Germinates quickly. I'm hoping to cover most of my backyard in clover where I used to have lawn to help California deal with drought. My friends mock me but I tell you I love my clover!
  • Sprouted in a couple of days after just throwing them on the ground.
  • Had sprouts within a week. Planted in December in southern California. Can't wait to see them fully grown. Going to order more to replace grass in my backyard.
  • We live in SoCal and used this as a lawn substitute for the dry seasons here. It sprouted after 4 days and has grown lush after 4 weeks. We airated the yard with a Home Depot rental, seeded with a handheld spreader, and raked lightly. Once it grew in, we only needed to water once a week. Great value.
  • I received by package quickly. It was nicely packaged. I was able to overseed and get the clover to start sprouting in 7 says. It took 2 weeks of daily watering, but it is well established.
  • Re-seeding our rental backyard to fill in the holes in the grass. This stuff took off! We just threw it on the ground with literally zero prep and we have hard, compact clay. It grew! We are pretty happy! Uses less water than grass and needs less cutting! If you see clover in your yard at all, this stuff will probably grow. We live in the pacific northwest and so we barely have to water our lawns as it is but this will be a nice grass replacement when the drought sinks in.
  • Took really well in my yard last fall, stayed green through the winter and is thriving now. I have three chickens that are very destructive, I fenced them off for a month while it was coming in. Once I let them at it they tore up a section where the ground was really soft, but other than that it has held up really well against them and a dog. I haven't seen the flowers yet, but I'm very happy.
  • Great little clover growing in with my fesuce grass. I planted it to add nitrogen into the soil. I did not want to add inorganic fertilizers and stinky organic manures to the grass as we love hanging out in the back yard. Will update as it matures and let you know if it helps the fescue be greener.
  • Great product, especially if you don't want to use chemical fertilizers for your grass! This is actually how I found out about this product because it naturally produces nitrogen, which feeds the grass. We've used approximately 5 - 7 pounds on our lawn. This did a great job of filling in areas of our lawn where moss had taken over during a wet, warm winter, and now that we are coming to the end of a record hot summer here in the PNW, I can say that the miniclover has stood up really well! I think it's good to mix the miniclover with grass--we have one area where we mixed grass seed with miniclover and used some compost as a base, and it grows so thick and fast--really amazing.
  • I planted miniclover to supplement my grass in the very poor soil of the back yard of my small apartment building. When neighbors set down searing hot bbq lids on the lawn, everything was burnt in a nice circle that matched the weber lid perfectly. The miniclover came back up within a few days and is the only vegetation in that circle, the grass still hasn't come back two weeks later.
  • What can I say besides, WOW! I bought Mini Clovers to plant in my fairy garden and I couldn't be happier with the current results! I planted these Saturday evening and by Friday (today) they are well established and growing like crazy, in less than a week. Everyone in my house is stunned by how fast they have grown and how they have turned out! I will be buying these again in the future for my fairy gardens! I highly recommend them to you if you are looking to buy! I couldn't be more pleased!!
  • Seems to have germinated well, and does provide nice mini clover leaves. Even sprouted among the moss in one part of my "lawn" - hopefully it will take over there instead of the moss. Haven't seen it flower yet.
  • Baby clovers are coming up! I hoed the dirt, watered, scattered the seeds, then covered with some wet grass clippings so the hot sun wouldn't burn them. They're all coming up. Looks good so far.
  • Fan freaking yard is a beautiful blend of clover and grass now.
  • These white clovers are beautiful in your back yard.
  • I seeded right over my lawn about six months ago. The clover is coming in nicely and starting to replace the lawn. I love it! I am going to buy another bag to speed up the process!
  • Grew quickly and spread quickly through my lawn. Stays lowers than regular clover. It has reduced how often I mow, water and fertilize my lawn.
  • Love my Miniclover. It is the talk of the neighborhood!!!!!!!!! Pretty green, but I forgot that the rabbits would love it.
  • The seed are good value and great quality, sowed it and it came up strong!
  • Fantastic product
  • Grew quickly and really nice.
  • Not all of the seeds sprouted, but a majority did, and it filled in my yard nicely and with no effort. Looks great, I would buy it again.
  • I have a yard where I have been trying to grow grass for 10 years. I have tried everything. But now that a couple of weeks have passed I see clover growth. the clover heads are very small indeed and they mix well with the tufts of grass I have here and there. I love that it returns nitrogen back to the soil so I hope to be able to plant some grass in there next year.
  • After checking out all of the reviews, we decided to go ahead and purchase the seed. We bought the least amount just in case. We are very happy with the clover. With the first planting, we watered every day for 2 weeks. The seed was spouting within one week. After two weeks we backed off on the daily waterings. By then most of the seed had germinated and we had a good sprouting coming up. We did notice a few bare spots which were attributed to seed run off or misses in the seeding so we reseeded those spots. Again, we watered -- or nature rained -- everyday for a couple of weeks. The seeds sprouted very well. Now that we are in the fall rainy season, we are letting Mother Nature take care of the watering.
  • I ordered the seed and spread it according to the directions it came with, and almost immediately had clover sprouting. Great quality product,
  • I've spread these on our lawn as a nitrogen-feeding no-mow method in lieu of the usual non-native grass lawn. These grew to about the same height as the matted clover we see around on various lawns, and it looks great.
  • Planted these in a big field (cleared 52 trees) to make space for my daughter's wedding reception. As stated in the instructions, the seeds need to stay wet for two weeks or so to fully germinate. That's been the only challenge. In areas that didn't get enough water (more sun?) they had to be sown again. But the ones coming up are cute and just what was needed. I'm looking forward to not having to mow it, too.
  • After nearly two years my clovers are still going strong.
  • Growing profusely!
  • This stuff starts to grow within 24 hours. We're in 7b grow zone and have started to seed our entire yard with this stuff.
  • Have bought several of the little beauties any my grass is green.....completely....for the first time in 38 years!