How To Spot Repair Your Lawn Using Grass Seed

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NOTE: For best results, over seed 3 to 4 feet around the bare spot. This will help “blend” the newly seeded spot with the remainder of your lawn.

Bare spots in the lawn can be caused by a number of things: dog spots, dry spots, weed removal, moss removal, etc.

  1. Rake spot to loosen soil and remove dead grass.
  2. Apply LazyMan Soil Doctor to aerate soil and improve seed germination. This replaces mechanical aeration and not only will do a better job of aerating, they will add beneficial microbes to the soil and improve germination.
  3. Seed the bare spot and cover with 1/4" of peat moss or compost. Ensure the seed you are seeding with is the same type of grass that is already in your lawn. Be wary of lawn patch repair products as they may not blend in at all.
  4. Keep area moist until seed has germinated.