Crystal Bluelinks Creeping Bent Grass Seed

Crystal Bluelinks Bent Grass

Photography compliments of Tee-2-Green

Crystal BlueLinks Creeping Bentgrass had the highest turf quality, averaged across all locations, during the NTEP fairway/tee trials. This bent grass variety has a different bluegreen color and has shown good resistance to brown patch and dollar spot. Crystal BlueLinks creeping bentgrass has also shown good heat tolerance and shade tolerance unlike other creeping bent grasses.

Crystal BlueLinks with its semi-erect growth habit, aggressive recovery, and great disease resistance makes it an excellent choice for greens, tees, and fairways. It has very good winter color, quick spring green-up, heat and cold tolerance, and has shown excellent shade tolerance. Crystal Bluelinks provides a superb putting surface, has great recovery, and was the #1 Commercial Variety in the Preliminary NTEP Fairway Data.

Crystal Bluelink's cold and heat tolerance is exceptional. It can be used throughout the Northern U.S. including Alaska. It can be used throughout the transition zone in very hot states like Kanas and is used as far South as Palm Springs and many other Southern states. Crystal Bluelinks creeping bent grass can be mowed below 1/8" for putting greens or for fairway use it can be happy at 3/4".

Characteristics of Crystal Bluelinks Bent Grass:

  • Brilliant blue-green color
  • Combines brown patch and dollar spot resistance
  • Great winter color
  • Great heat and cold tolerance
  • Excellent shade tolerance

Excellent shade tolerance! Yes, that is correct. A creeping bent grass with excellent shade tolerance. Crystal Bluelinks creeping bent grass is #1 in NTEP data by a long run for shade. This bent grass can grow in as little as 3 hours of direct sunlight a day and possibly even less if conditions are right. In fact, this creeping bent grass is more shade tolerant than our True Putt creeping blue grass.

  • New turf: Sow 1 - 1 1/2 pounds of Crystal Links bent grass putting green seed per 1,000 square feet
  • Plant Creeping Bentgrass seed when soil temperature reaches 55 degrees in spring up until a minimum of 6 weeks before frost in fall

The Grass Seed Certification program establishes the genetic purity and germination of varieties, blends, and mixtures. The certification process begins with the proper field history before production and continues through the bagging of a grass seed lot with every step independently verified by Seed Certification personnel. Each bent grass seed lot to be certified is sampled by Certification personnel and tested in the state seed laboratory, so the grass seed you buy is the seed that was tested If even one standard in this process failed, the lot is uncertified. You can rest assured that your bent grass seed is certified!