Pure Select Creeping Bent Grass Seed - Nu Penn Putting Green Seed

Pure Select Creeping Bent Grass

Photography compliments of Tee-2-Green

Pure Select Creeping Bentgrass is the product of a rich heritage that includes Penncross and the groundbreaking Penn A's and G's. Pure Select has a dense, upright, and aggressive growth habit. It's wear tolerant and produces less thatch. With exceptionally strong disease, heat, cold, and wear tolerance it's easy to manage. Pure Select gives you quick spring green-up and outstanding turf quality year round. It's an exceptional bentgrass for greens, tees, and fairways. Recommended seeding rate is 1.0 to 1.50lbs./1,000 sq. ft. for a new seeding and 0.50 - 1.0 lb/1,000 sq. ft. for over-seeding. With a dense, upright and aggressive growth habit, it also features an exceptional ability to compete against Poa-annua. If you want to build your own putting green, Pure Select creeping bent grass seed is a great choice!

Pure Select bent grass seed is perfect for DIY outdoor putting greens! These Bentgrass varieties are different and do not require the tedious management that the other varieties do. Pure Select bent grass seed produces a green that requires less fertilizer, less water, less babying than the old bents varieties that you may be accustomed to. Growing Bentgrass greens has never been easier or less worrisome. This Pure Select Creeping Bentgrass requires different management, but overall, the management is actually easier than what many are accustomed to. The end result is a very high quality putting green surface that thrives on low mowing and culminates in a near perfect putting surface with no grain and no extraordinary practices.

For the home golf green, the first mowing should be when there is uniform turf coverage with a height from 1/4 to 3/8 inch and definitely not more than a 1/2 inch. The mower should have a smooth front roller. It has been reported that some people have used grooved rollers too early. Bentgrass clippings should not be caught early on as this will help build a biomass or padding that will protect the plant from damage. During the early stage it is important to do a weekly light top dressing. This will cover the clippings and smooth any roughness in the surface as well as accelerate the filling in of the turf grass canopy. It is possible to get to the desired mowing height within 6 to 7 weeks after the first mowing if not sooner with this bent grass. The Pure Select golf grass is being maintained by most facilities at 5/32nd or 9/64th for greens.

It is important to irrigate Creeping Bentgrass greens only when necessary. When required, fill the soil profile to field capacity or try to flush salts from the soil profile. This could be a 30 to 40 minute cycle depending on the type of irrigation used or time of year. Stretch the time between irrigation cycles as long as possible. Again, this will vary from the time of year, it is possible to go at least 4 to 10 days longer, with only needing to hit hot spots if required.

Top dressing varies depending on management style from light weekly applications to once a month when verticutting. As with all bent grasses it is important to get as much top dressing into the canopy as possible. This can only be accomplished if the canopy is opened up by the use of groomers, verticutting, grooving, or spiking.

  • New turf: Sow 1 - 1 1/2 pounds of Creeping Bentgrass seed per 1,000 square feet
  • Plant Pure Select Creeping Bent grass seed when soil temperature reaches 55 degrees in spring up until a minimum of 6 weeks before frost in fall.

The Grass Seed Certification program establishes the genetic purity and germination of varieties, blends, and mixtures. The certification process begins with the proper field history before production and continues through the bagging of a grass seed lot with every step independently verified by Seed Certification personnel. Each bent grass seed lot to be certified is sampled by Certification personnel and tested in the state seed laboratory, so the grass seed you buy is the seed that was tested If even one standard in this process failed, the lot is uncertified. You can rest assured that your bent grass seed is certified!