Rescape Seashore Paspalum Lawn Grass Seed

Seashore Paspalum Seed

Rescape seeded paspalum is the warm season solution for the most difficult grassing challenges. This economical seashore paspalum blend is well-suited for low maintenance turf areas including landscaping, erosion control, infrastructure, and more. Rescape provides density and aggressive growth with the ability to spread via stolons and rhizomes.

Areas with water issues are no match for Rescape. This seeded seashore paspalum performs well in salt-affected locations including coastal sites and tolerates poor water quality. With superior salt tolerance, Rescape is able to outperform bermudagrass, zoysia, and St. Augustine.

Rescape is coated for increased performance. Protecting the seed during establishment, Rescape’s coating promotes water absorption and survivability.

Product Features:

  • Excellent drought tolerance
  • Excellent salt tolerance
  • Good disease resistance
  • Good wear tolerance
  • Good cold tolerance
  • Good shade and low light tolerance

As a stand-alone product or as a component in custom mixes, Rescape meets the needs of a variety of applications including:

  • Erosion control
  • Reclamation
  • Shoreline restoration
  • Roadsides
  • Municipal area
  • Commercial landscaping
  • Residential landscaping

Seashore paspalum grass seed is a warm-season, salt-loving grass that thrives in coastal climates, but also performs well in inland and desert climates where brackish water is a problem. It has a fine texture similar in appearance to bermudagrass and spreads by stolons and rhizomes making it an excellent choice for lawns, sports fields, and golf courses where wear tolerance is a necessity. Seashore paspalum has tremendous salt tolerance and adaptability making it one of the few grasses that can successfully be grown along the beach. Being a warm-season grass, it also has very good heat and drought tolerance due to its deep root system. This also makes this lawn grass best suited to southern and tropical climates. Growth is greatest during warm months with some dormancy in winter months.

Seashore paspalum will tolerate a wide range of soils from heavy clay to sandy loam. It will grow in a wide range of pH from 4.5 to 9.0. Good drainage is important for root development.

Seeding Rate:

The recommended seeding rate for coated seed is 2 - 3 lbs per 1,000 square feet


Warm-season grasses such as Seashore paspalum should be seeded when night time air temperatures are consistently 77F or greater (generally between the months of April and October). Germination is delayed if soil temperatures are below 65F. Emergence can be anywhere between 14 and 21 days. The higher the soil temperature, the quicker the germination as long as there is adequate rainfall or irrigation to keep seeds consistently moist. Establishment in 8 to 10 weeks depending on date of planting.