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Kentucky Bluegrass Lawn

Kentucky bluegrass is one of the most popular and often grown evergreen grasses in the cooler climates of the United States. It forms a beautiful, fine-textured lawn with a handsome dark green color. Even better, it spreads by runners and forms a denser turf than other evergreen grasses  like Tall Fescue.
Now that you’ve heard the good news, it’s time for the bad news. Kentucky Bluegrass cannot be grown in most of the south. It does not tolerate hot weather, dies during drought, and will usually die in the hot summer. It should not be considered an all-purpose lawn grass in area where summer air temperatures regularly rise to the 90s. Kentucky bluegrass can be grown as a “shade grass” in lawn area with moderate shade in the middle and upper South.


Characteristics of Bluegrass:

  1. Deep-rooted evergreen grass
  2. Forms Dense Turf
  3. Fine-Textured
  4. Low heat tolerance
  5. Moderate shade tolerance
  6. Dark green color

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