How To Properly Fertilize A Bluegrass Lawn

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Kentucky Bluegrass responds well to fertilizer and will darken in color and look much healthier quickly. Without fertilizer, your lawn will become light green, thin, and will be easily invaded by weeds.

Don’t get carried away, though, and apply excessive fertilizer. Excessive fertilizer will not result in an excessively dark green lawn; rather, it will only cause your lawn to grow faster and thus need more frequent mowing. The most efficient way to fertilize is to use the dry, granular fertilizers.

Fertilizer recommendations:
1.)    4 lbs. of actual nitrogen per 1000 square feet per year
2.)    Apply 1.5 lbs of actual nitrogen per 1000 square feet in mid-spring and early fall.
3.)    Apply 1 lb of actual nitrogen in late winter.
4.)    Use slow-release fertilizers in mid-spring and early fall.
5.)    Water approximately 1 inch after fertilizing