Best Methods For Renovating A Bermuda Grass Lawn

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There are those times that you walk out of the house and realize that your lawn is in horrible shape. Worse yet, a gloating neighbor points it out as he invites you for a tour of his immaculate turf. Regardless of the source of your motivation, a large percentage of troubled Bermuda grass lawns can be renovated without extreme effort. The general rule is that if you can fine two healthy Bermuda grass clumps in a given square foot of lawn, you can renovate. Otherwise, grab your wallet and head for the section entitled Starting a new Bermuda Grass Lawn.

The first step in renovating a Bermuda grass lawn is to admit that there is a problem. There are two categories of problems that will ruin a Bermuda grass lawn: Maintenance problems of fundamental problems. Unfortunately, the results of both often appear the same. For instance, a thinning lawn can be the result of improper mowing or shade. Think about your lawn's history and work your way toward the logical cause.

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