Aerating A Bermuda Grass Lawn

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Aerating a Bermuda grass lawn is a great way to increase the flow of air, water and nutrients into the root zone. Aerating each year will improve the quality and consistency, of your lawn's growth. It can also be used to renovate areas like dry banks, poorly drained corners and compacted dog paths.

Bermuda grass lawns can be aerated any time during the growing season, as long as they are not suffering from drought. Aerating (core) dormant, brown Bermuda grass can disrupt a late winter application of pre emergence weed control and open the soil to weed seed infiltration. Aerating (core) during spring green up can damage tender roots and shoots at a time when the grass is low on stored energy. The best time for a once a year aeration (core) is in the late spring when your lawn is completely green and soil temperatures reach 80 degrees.

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