How To Properly Fertilize A Fescue Grass Lawn

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There are few grasses more satisfying to fertilize than fescue grass. This is especially true in the late winter when most of the landscape is still leafless and bare. Within a matter of days, the fescue is dark green and growing energetically. Fescue lawns thrive during these cooler periods and will respond immediately to a steady amount of fertilizer in the spring and fall.

But remember, applying excessive fertilizer will not make your lawn excessively green; rather, it will only grow faster and require more mowing. The most efficient way to fertilize is to use the dry, granular fertilizers sold in large bags.

Fertilizer recommendations:
*3-5 pounds of actual nitrogen per 1000 square feet per year.
*Three applications: late winter, mid-spring, early fall
*Use slow-release fertilizers in mid-spring and early fall
*Water approximately 1 inch after fertilizing