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Fescue Grass Lawn

There are people who will tell you that fescue is not a true southern lawn grass. They are right. Fescue does prefer cooler temperatures and grows vigorously in the South only during spring and fall. I can tell you that a fescue lawn is well worth the extra nurturing it requires during a Southern summer. If you live in the middle or upper South, I would definitely encourage you to try Tall Fescue. Fescue is the only evergreen grass that will grow well in these areas.

Tall Fescue is an evergreen grass that was introduced in the South for use in pastures. Its roots grow deeper in the soil than some of the other evergreen grasses, making it more resistant to periods of drought. Southerners admired these qualities and soon began using Tall Fescue as a lawn grass as well. Back then, the only real choice was Kenctucky-31 Tall Fescue.

Characteristics of Fescue:

  1. Deep-rooted evergreen grass
  2. Darker green color
  3. Prefers cooler temperatures
  4. Moderate shade tolerance
  5. Good drought tolerance
  6. Disease resistant

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