Buy Drought Tolerant Ground Cover Plant Seed For Water Conservation & Xeriscape Landscaping

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Ground cover plants can blanket your landcaping in gorgeous greenery and not wither away in your arid regions of the country where water conservation is becoming increasingly important. Whether you are looking for a lawn alternative or you just want to give your landscape a unique, fresh look, you can find the perfect drought resistant ground cover plant from Outsidepride. Once established, these ground covers tolerate dry weather without any or very little supplemental irrigation so you can relax and enjoy the summer months without your plants withering and dying.

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Knowing which ground covers are drought tolerant is very difficult without extensive research; therefore, Outsidepride has hand picked some of our favorites that you can add to your home landscape or garden area. Each of these plants will add beauty to your landscape, without usually requiring supplemental irrigation through the growing season after they are established.

Ground cover plants are perfect for filling in beds, cascading over a rock wall, or replacing large portions of dirt, rock, or grass. If you plant water conserving, drought resistant plants you will have a beautiful landscape which takes minimal effort. If you live in a area where you do not get a lot of natural rainfall in the summer months, then this is a perfect option for you as nobody want to break the bank on irrigation.

Many studies estimate in hot, dry climates that 75% of a households' water is used to irrigate  lawns and landscaping. Xeriscaping (the process of landscaping, or gardening, that reduces or eliminates the need for irrigation) helps preserve water as it is more reliant on natural rainfall and minimal maintenance when compared to traditional landscaping. Several studies have concluded that xeriscaping can reduce outdoor irrigation by 60% which will greatly reduce your water bill. There is no better way to start xeriscaping then with drought tolerant ground cover plants!