Drought Tolerant Wild Flowers For Water Conservation & Xeriscape Landscaping

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Drought tolerant wildflowers are a terrific solution for dry weather when irrigation is not an option or too expensive. Outsidepride offers a huge selection of individual flowers as well as our specially formulated Dryland wildflower mix that will hold their gorgeous color on strong, healthy plants even when the rain doesn't fall. These varieties are popular with gardeners who want to rely on natural rainfall as the only source of irrigation.

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With our current climate conditions of increasing warmth and less moisture, more and more Americans are becoming interested in replacing high-maintenance, lawns that require a lot of water and fertilizers, with water conserving plants that are drought tolerant. Wild flowers are a terrific option for lower water needs, reduced maintenance requirements, restored soil health, increased diversity that attracts birds and butterflies, as well as the aesthetic beauty of blending in with the natural landscapes.

Many studies estimate in hot, dry climates that 75% of a households' water is used to irrigateĀ  lawns and landscaping. Xeriscaping (the process of landscaping, or gardening, that reduces or eliminates the need for irrigation) helps preserve water as it is more reliant on natural rainfall and minimal maintenance when compared to traditional landscaping. Several studies have concluded that xeriscaping can reduce outdoor irrigation by 60% which will greatly reduce your water bill. There is no better way to start xeriscaping then with drought tolerant wildflowers!